I married a homeschool graduate!!

Since this is a homeschool blog, I thought I would write about how I came to be a convicted, 110% sold out, dedicated, homeschool Mom.  I hope it doesn't put you to sleep. 


I love to tell people that we are a second generation homeschool family.  Then I am quick to add that I am not the one that was homeschooled.  I was schooled in the traditional government school. A 1983 graduate.  I learned about evolution, and all of our athiest or diest founding fathers.   Fortunately, it was before schools got totally away from teaching reading, writing and arithematic, so I did learn these things fairly well.  Although I mainly learned this things until the test was over, then out it went…


I met my wonderful, God-fearing husband on a small Christian college campus in the west Tennessee area.  The night I met him, he was wearing one of those t-shirts that had the names of a lot of famous people on it.  (Thomas Edison, George Washington, etc), Then it said “…and me”.  Never being the shy one, I asked “and you what?”  He proceeded to tell me about homeschooling.  I thought it a little strange. 



To make a long story short, I went on a summer mission trip, wrote Shane about it, we  visited about my summer (and his although his was much more boring ) when we got back to campus.  We became best friends, but didn't think about courting, dating or marriage until several friends on campus started telling us what a cute couple we were   And the girls were telling me how “lucky” I was to have Shane.  We always dispelled the myth–we were just friends.  But then one evening we discussed it.  And decided that God seemed to be leading us down this path and we decided to take the next step.  We decided to begin courting.  (This is a a totally different story for a different day, since I had dated the traditional way all my life.  One for a future blog.)  BTW, for those of you who are wondering, Shane is 9 years younger than me.  I have teased in the past that I got him young so I could train him– but he is wise beyond his years and has taught me so much. 


One night we were sitting on “our swing”  and the topic of homeschooling any children that we would have came up.  I had dreaded that day.  I didn't think I could do it.  I wasn't smart, I had just barely grazed through algebra, didn't know how to teach, was studying Social Work, etc.  I threw out any excuse I could think of, and none of them worked.  Eventually, Shane convince me I could do it. 


We were married a few months later, and then adopted our oldest child 3 years after that.  


 I learned that can “do” homeschooling, and have been for several years now.  Our oldest is now 9, she  reads adult level material (and understands it)  She is also our family theologian (sometimes putting dh to the test with her questions).  Our 6 year old son is reading well and excelling at  math and the 5 year old is doing great with his work too. 


I absolutely love homeschooling my children! 


Every day is not a perfect day.  But I am a proud mama.  I am a blessed wife.  And, I am so thankful I listened to God's leading so many years ago.