Whew! We need a schedule

Today I learned that we need a schedule.

Since about the middle of December things have been crazy at our house. Our youngest had his 3rd cleft-palate revision surgery (the first since coming to his forever home 2 years ago) on Dec. 20th. Found out my Mom’s best friend of almost 30 years has liver cancer on Christmas Eve. Since that time, we’ve found out that it has spread to her brain. Then Christmas. My Dad had emergency quadruple by-pass surgery in East Tennessee on Jan. 3rd. The children and I went for a week and 1/2 to be with him and help after he came home. In between there somewhere was 2 other Christmas gatherings with different segments of my husbands family. Then right before coming home from helping Dad, we thought God had given us a 4th addition to our family. So we have been frantically working to update our homestudy since I came home.

We met the birthfamily and baby last Tuesday. Then the birthfamily drops off the face of the earth, or so it seems. No contact since last Wednesday afternoon a week ago today, and it doesn’t look likely since dh got hung up on last time he tried to call. This is a little 2 week old boy in the inner city without a father. Birthmom is 13 with some mental retardation. 33 year old Grandma has 10 children of her own and is now caring for little Jeremiah. She initiated contact looking for an adoptive home through a friend of ours. We thought this was God’s will as we had been planning on updating our homestudy this month until everything got so crazy. Pray for him… it seems that he will have a rough life unless birthfamily changes their mind. Not likely at this point since it is a week later and we still haven’t heard from her….

Anyway… I rambled off topic…

Today is the first day in over a month that we have been back on track and boy can I tell it. More schoolwork has been done today than in anyday during the past month. The children are calmer, more focused and I am more together and less frazzled. The joys of a schedule… back to normal??? Maybe, maybe not