I absolutely love homeschooling

What do I love about homeschooling my children?


I can teach my children Godly character and about how God “fearfully and wonderfully” made them. Not to mention teaching them the truth about America's history and about how God created the world instead of  some bang somewhere in the cosmics.  (which I am enjoying learning too)  I can be there to answer their questions and help them find an answer if I don't know it.  I can share their victories and their defeats.   Laughter and tears. I can teach them that fathers in the home are needed, that homosexuality and sex outside of marriage are sins.  I can teach my daughter to be a lady and help my husband teach my boys to be protectors and provides–and that they don't have to sit totally still to do schoolwork.  I don't have to worry about things that they are learning that are untrue and dishonoring to our Father  (except of course what I teach them through my imperfect human-ness).  School doesn't just happen M-F from 7:45-3:30.  And what I love most about homeschooling … I can hug and kiss on my precious blessings anytime I want and they can hug and kiss on me anytime throughout the day because they are with me. 


Have a blessed day in the LORD


One thought on “I absolutely love homeschooling

  1. You found my blog (Crocus & Chyrsanthemum) and left a comment so I thought I’d drop in and return the favor. Your comment said that you even logged everything you did in Colorado Springs last summer….that’s where I live! (well, right outside the Springs on 5 acres). As you can tell, I’m a very relaxed homeschooler and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My oldest is 19 and in college and my baby is 15. Welcome to the world of blogging.


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