Do I dare say it??????

I just finished reading spunkyhomeschool's repost on outsourcing parenting.   I am right there with her.  Over the past decades parents have taken less and less responsibility for parenting their children.  Thank you Dr. Spock.  Yes, I've heard Dr. Spock changed his mind, but imo, it's a little bit of change alot too late. 


On to the real reason Spunky spurred me to write.  It's not just to government schools that we parents have outsourced.  Okay… here's the dare I say it part


  ….What about Sunday school? 


Our modern day Sunday School is based totally on to government school model.  Segregated by age, away from parents, opportunities for being bullied or made fun  because a child actually thinks Bible class is for learning the Bible.  (Our daughter was made fun of because she wears dresses all the time).   Rarely do the parent know what is being taught, or who their child's classmates are, and the character of some of the people that volunteer to teach quite honestly is not who I want my children learning from.  Does any of this sound familiar?


About 3 years ago, the family, age-integrated church we had attended for several years decided to disband.  Believe me it's a looooooooooooong story.  Dh and I were beat down… he had stepped in as preacher after a bad situation and we had tried to revive the church for several years.  In our sorrow, and with our guard down, we allowed the children to go to Sunday School classes while looking for a new church home. 


Recently God has been convicting us that it was a bad decision and we are working our way out of them. Most people do not understand.  We've gotten the same response from our church family as we've gotten because our children don't go to public school.    “what about the influence your children can have on the other children in the class?”  I actually had to get pretty firm when I told a group of ladies in a small Bible study. 


It is not my child's responsibility to teach, encourage, etc. your child!  It is your responsibility!   


Why don't they get it?  Honestly, I don't think they've thought about it.  For decades parental responsibility has erroded … these parents have been brainwashed into believing that the government will take care of all of their parental responsibilities, so they can continue to have a “life”  Yes, all but one of these ladies in my study work outside the home.  (Most of them substitute-teach in the the government school)  In fact, most of the mothers in our church work outside the home.  (Yes, many at the gov't school). 


What do we do about it?  I guess we trudge forward and take the lead from our homeschooling pioneers.  Don't let it get under our skin because we are doing what God has called us to do.  Easier said than done sometimes.  But trudge we must….


3 thoughts on “Do I dare say it??????

  1. It is such a blessing to be on the same page with my wife on issues like this. I give a hearty AMEN!!! I enjoy watching the joy and pleasure on our childrens’ faces when some new Biblical truth is opened to them during our Bible study. I love watching them wrestle through some theological issues, and I love the questions they ask. Why would I want someone else to have the pleasure of experiencing that???


  2. We had ours in Sunday School for about 4-5 years. My daughters biggest scar in life came from the 5th grade SS class where she vividly remembers the girls looking at her like she was stupid when she answered a question. I still have a hard time getting her to speak in class/public because she’s afraid of that look. And don’t even get me going about AWANAs. My son would come home in tears! He stopped going to SS class when it got to high school (he came to adults) and 6th grade was my daughters last year (she’s 15 now). Besides, we were starting to disagree with what was being taught, so….. well you get the picture.. Like you said, it’s my job to teach my children their faith and integrity, not someone elses. Love your post. Must go and get ready for Sabbath. Blessings to you and yours.


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