Blogging is so fun!

Can I just say this blogging thing is soooooo fun!  At different times, I have tried to get encouragement from different places.  We have a wonderful, loving church home, but  I think we're still a little strange to them.  Although I must say God has given us an incredible amount of grace and we have been able to offer some differing viewpoints.  They've even asked dh to lead a small group, and I spoke at our ladies day.  (Not sure they'll let me speak again, but I said what God laid on my heart for them). 


I've tried groups at yahoo, but before long I would end up more discouraged, or someone would take something I'd say the wrong way, or there would be a pretty intense discussion, or downright hateful comments made   … but a blog… I can write my opinions and get my thoughts out of my mind and onto cyber-paper.  Those of you that don't agree can move on and those that do can leave comments.  It appears that there is a real opportunity to make some like minded friends, of which I have few because we are some of the weirdest people we know.    Meanwhile,  God seems to be moving us to more weirdness all the time.   … and although I am sure of where the journey will ultimately end,  I am curious to see what route God will lead us down to get there. 

Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!