My Isaac is Something Else

My middle child is a boy and boy do I mean BOY.  He is on the go all the time.  Until bedtime then he crashes.  If I go in to give him an extra goodnight after he's asleep and I never know which end of the bed I'll find him in.   He's one of those that can have you ready to pull your hair out one minute and  another. 


Last night was one of those nights.  He was waaaaay overtired and in his exhaustion he gets more wound up.  So by the time the children's 6 knees were on the floor by the bed for prayer he was in unusual style.  One of his stocking stuffers for Christmas this year was a set of 3 or 4 different funny false teeths.  We also have a couple of plastic clown noses that dh brought home from somewhere last fall.  I'm actually amazed that they've hung around these several months.  Well, right before his turn for prayer he turned around and showed us his false teeth and clown nose. 


After prayer we wondered aloud to each other if God would find his behavior amusing.  We concluded that He must, since He made him the way he is.    BTW,  God named him Isaac (it means laughter)