Where are the older women?

It was a beautiful day here in Missouri.  Isaac found a woodpecker making his song this morning and called me to share his joy.    Later this afternoon, the children and I ran races across the backyard.  It was a good day.   


Where are the Older women?  Lately, this verse and specifically the phrase “keeper at home” has been on my heart.  The Scripture in Titus 2:3-5 says:

 3 Bid the older women likewise to be reverent in behavior, not to be slanderers or slaves to drink; they are to teach what is good, 4 and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, 5 to be sensible, chaste, domestic, kind, and submissive to their husbands, that the word of God may not be discredited.

Today is the first time I have read it in the RSV, and I really like it.  The NIV says “busy at home” and of course the KJV says “keepers at home”  the ESV says “working at home” 


There is so much meat in these verses– where does one begin?  There are areas in these verses that I don't have a problem with,  but I am realizing more and more that I do not know how to be a true keeper at home or how to love my husband and children. I wasn't raised in a Christian home.  I need to be trained.  With more and more older Christian women working outside the home, there are very few to teach me the things of this passage.  I have a daughter that I desperately want to be a lady that honors God, and I don't know how to teach her.   Where are all the older women?    The ones that are supposed to teach me to love my husband and children?  And to be “a  keeper at home.” Apparently, it isn't an easy thing to do.   God would not tell us that we need someone to teach us if it came naturally.   I need a mentor… have prayed for a mentor for many, many years now.  To no avail.  Sometimes I feel alone on this journey.  Oh I have a few good friends that are on the same path, trudging the unknown territory.  But a true mentor?  Someone to disciple me?   An older woman to take me under her wing?   


I'm frustrated with shallow ladies classes and sermons.  This isn't new– I've been frustrated for a long time with this trend in the church away from women being satisfied to be what God has called us to be.  I'm tired of reading in these ladies Bible study books that talk about how to juggle a career and take care of a family.  I'm tired of trying to be visitor friendly.  Jesus was compassionate, but he spoke the truth in love and did not apologize for doing so. 


I have seen a very disturbing trend, and have bought into it myself in my previous life.   The Christian culture is adapting to the feminist idea that the women can do it all, and have no repercussions from it.  God's word tells us to be at Home.  This is our purpose if we are wives and mothers.  Come to think of it, maybe even if we're not wives and mothers.   In Bible culture, the daughters stayed at the family home until they were wed.  Maybe it's more of a lifestyle? 


Ummm.  Another thought on the side that just occurred to me.  We are a society that runs and runs, for this appointment, that class, this sport, etc.  Many of the stay-at-home Moms I know are rarely home.     I'll have to think on that


I have seen women that are close to me trade their God-given responsibility for the world.  These are people that I thought were solid, and strong to stand against the ways of Satan.  Oh they haven't given up the faith, they are just stretching farther and farther away from being keepers at home.  I'm realizing more and more that God's standards are not the world's standards and just how far removed we are from God's standards.   


So our young ladies need a college education?  I'm not sure anymore.  Yes, there are trades that they can learn that will help them adapt to being a Keeper at home, and help them with those cottage industries.  But most often they go out to college and learn the ways of the world, even at a Christian college and forget their life's purpose.  


“that the word of God not be discredited”  I really like that in the RSV, the KJ says “blasphemed”, and other versions say “maligned.”  I can understand “discredited”.  This is a strong accusation, but I believe there are many women in churches that are discrediting the word of God,  If we have nothing to offer that is different and, set-apart from what these ladies are getting in the world, why on earth would they want what the church offers?    Am I totally off my rocker? 




2 thoughts on “Where are the older women?

  1. No! You are not at ALL off your rocker! (BTW, thanks for visiting my site!) I agree wholeheartedly with what you’re saying! The veil has been lifting off my own eyes for roughly four years now.

    Tell me, do you live in or near St. Louis? If so, I know a wonderful Bible study (the same that opened my own eyes) led by a 63+ year old woman, and the study is called “Titus 2” or something. At least, it’s that message preached. Anyway, do a Google search on Janice McBride and Christ’s Bride Ministries to read up on her and her ministry. She is uncompromising in her teaching and wisdom.

    Also, for likemindedness in whatever area you’re in, check out Doug Phillips’ “dot org” site. The middle tab (NCFIC – National Center for Family-Integrated Churches) has a search in it to find a church near you that believes in exactly what you’re looking for, it seems. We attend a local body where the women are learning to do things they never thought about before, like buy whole foods and grind their own grain, among other “lost home arts.” Unfortunately, this movement to get back to the Titus 2 mentality is growing in women our age more than in women older than we are. However, God is so good, b/c that means our daughters will have a wealth of women to glean wisdom from!

    Anyway, good to meet you, Christine!

    Many blessings!


  2. No, you are definitely not alone, and not off your rocker Christine! I could have SOOOO used a mentor as well. I may have learned without half of the struggles had that been available. But no use in the “ifs” I suppose. Thankfully with the Holy Spirit, God’s word and the wonderful work of a few Christian authors (a type of mentor, I suppose) we can and will find our way. I longed for the type of discipleship you speak of. I could still use it.

    Maybe with everyones jam-packed schedules the women who could be mentors are unsure of how to approach the subject. Maybe their offers have been turned down in the past? Maybe they think they are not needed? I have no clue! Maybe those intersted in mentoring should advertise….LOL…on some sort of church bulletin or something.


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