The adoption journey

Well, we are off the the state capital to get our criminal background checks done for our homestudy update today.   Adoption is a long process, and  a journey into the unknown.  While we are there, we are are going to take advantage of the situation and visit our state Representative and Senator and have a lesson on government and law-making. Isn’t home education great?

There is a young man that we are aware of who will not be returning to his birth family’s home.  This young man was removed from his home about 3 years ago and we have known him since that time.   There have been some recent developments and we have been informed that he won’t be returning to his birthfamily.

Unfortunately, this child doesn’t yet know that he won’t be going home.

This process is in the very initial stages, and with the state involved anything can happen. Since we are not foster parents for the state, this placement is nearly impossible, but with God all things are possible.  If we are working within his will, He can move this mountains and we will have a wondeful addition to the family.

God uses interesting circumstances to get things done.  Since about September, we had been planning on updating our home study after the first of the year.  Then we had several things come up, including an unexpected trip to TN to care for my Dad after an emergency by-pass surgery.  Apparently God wanted it in process this month.  While the children and I were still in TN, Shane received a call about a  newborn boy that the birthfamily wanted to place for adoption.  We started moving.  Unfortunately, this family changed their mind, but the homestudy was already being updated.  Then last week, we found out about this young man.  Both Shane and I felt a tug and we’re moving forward.

Would you please pray for him?  And for us?  If this is not the child God has for us, we have no idea which direction to take.  But we know God knows exactly what our future holds.

Have a wonderful day in the Lord and His Glory!



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  1. I will be praying for this young man and for your husband and you as you seek the Lord’s will and direction in adoption.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    Happy Day!
    Julie D.


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