If if doesn’t matter in 100 years…

it just doesn't matter!  Many years ago, not long after my baptism, a dear older woman took me under her wing.   One of the things she tried to teach me was that “If it doesn't matter in 100 years, it just doesn't matter”  Unfortunately, I had forgotten this wise tidbit until this morning when it dawned on me that I had been getting worked up over little things for too long.    I think “I should know better than this by now.”  But my humanity overtakes my righteousness once again and down I fall. 


Does it really matter…

…if there are crumbs on the counter from last night's dinner that dh made? 

…if school doesn't go just as I have planned it?

… if my weekly home blessing doesn't get done because I'm spending time with the children?

…if things go the way I want them to 

…if… (you get the picture)   


But, it also dawned on me what does really matter.  It does matters that my children are learning how to follow their Almighty Creator. 


My sweet, strong-willed middle child and I had this discussion earlier today– when for the umteenth time, he was disrespectful, and rebellious.  100 years from now, his character will matter.  More than anything else he can learn, he must learn how to be a young man of Godly character.  This is an eternal problem. 


 I proceeded to explain to his precious little 6 year old mind that his character is more important than reading, writing and arithmetic.  In fact, it is far more important than anything else he can “learn”.   I am determined that if he never reads another book, or does another math problem– he will learn to be a man of integrity and character. 


I think I have been focusing to much on the little things.  Not looking at the big picture.  Sometimes I wonder where we went wrong.  We have “trained our chldren up in the way they should go” from the beginning.  But I must say that I (esp.) have trained them up in some things behavior that is not very becoming of children, or, if I think about it, to a 40 year old adult either.  Children do have a way to bring out all their parents flaws don't they? 


Have a blessed day!



5 thoughts on “If if doesn’t matter in 100 years…

  1. Well, call me a little slow…but are you Homeskool’s wife? I saw a comment by him on my blog, went to read some of his stuff, forwarded his blog address to my husband who doesn’t write but likes other homeschool dads who are manly kind of men…which from the looks of those hilarious photos on his site, he is.

    And then I put 2 and 2 together, and realized you must belong to each other.

    Which is really wonderful, because when reading about his family, I realized what a nice family he has, and how much I’d like to follow what they are doing, and besides, we adoptive families end up being kind of related because of what God has led us to do…but your husband, as you know, is a man, and I don’t talk to men much outside of my husband and sons and brothers.

    And then…here you are, his wife, with the same wonderful family and an engaging blog to boot!

    So glad I found you. I will be reading often. Lovely family.


  2. …if there are crumbs on the counter from last night's dinner that dh made?

    I guess I missed a spot on the counter during clean up from our pizza fest. Sorry for the extra work that caused you this AM. You are a much better cleaner than I am. Hope the pizza was worth it.Edited by homeskool on Feb. 6, 2006 at 2:45 PM


  3. Very true… children make good mirrors of us! My middle child (7-yo DD) is also my rebellious one. This morning, before I ever got to even say “good morning” to her, I had to spank her. Why? Because she absolutely refuses to simply trust me and obey. **sigh**

    Weeks ago, she had a sore throat, for which I bought lozenges. Today, she awoke with sniffles. First words out of my mouth to her were to get a lozenge. Like she almost ALWAYS does, she ran through the logic in her own mind and decided – instead of simply obeying – to immediately and vocally challenge my direction to her, “But Mommy, I don’t have a sore throat.” This is such a typical response from her, one which gets her repeatedly in trouble. Her first response should always be, “Yes, ma’am” followed with the action of obedience. When she rebelled this morning, I had to spank her and then explain to her that Mommy knows what’s best for her, and the lozenges have stuff in them to help clear up stuffy noses, too, and they aren’t just for sore throats. It was very frustrating… I’m sure you can relate to whatever problem in the kids that seems to keep coming up repeatedly. In my home, this is the one: refusal to simply trust and obey from the second-born.

    Why am I sharing all this? I forgot! LOL… you said something about a repeating offense from your middle child, I think. Anyway…

    Many blessings!


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