Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what “excellent” means.  Now our family has been focusing on this verse for some time—for at least 3-4 years.  We recently had our second “excellent clean.” 


A few years ago, we started making Christmas Eve gifts for each other, nothing fancy, spending very little money on each gift.   This year, I decided to make the family a plaque to hand on the wall in the theme of our verse. 

 I thought it would be a good idea to put it before us so we could have a rememberence.  But, I did not stencil either “n” in the word “anything” correctly.  They are backwards.  My husband commented, “excellent doesn’t mean perfect.”  I’ve been pondering his comment since Christmas Eve. 


I can’t remember whose blog was talking about excellence, but she made me think.  In fact, I copied and pasted her comments so I could ponder them.  She basically said the same thing my husband said to me on Christmas Eve. 


A few days ago, I decided to memorize Prov. 31:10-31.  This is a major decision for me.  For many years I didn’t want to think about her.  She is perfect, and as much as I want to be perfect, I know I'm not.  As I was working on this a few minutes ago, it dawned on me.  The first line… An excellent wife—if doesn’t say she’s perfect.  Hmmm.  Something else to ponder on. 


Apparently, God has decided it’s time for me to overcome my perfectionism.  I don’t like people to know that I am struggling with things.  I want things MY way, because it’s the best way.  I want to be on time (or early) everywhere I go. I want my children 100% well behaved.  (Especially when we’re in public) 


Now that I think about it, I think God’s reminder yesterday about things not mattering if they don’t matter 100 years from now is part of this “excellent/perfect” path he’s leading me down. 






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  1. Excellent does not equal perfect??? Huh. And all this time I’ve been … well… it doesn’t matter… Thanks for these words. I’ll have to ponder them, too. Now, if I say it three times and click my heels…
    “Excellent does not equal perfect.”
    “Excellent does not equal perfect.”
    “Excellent does not …”

    Many blessings!

    Not sure if we’re going to the Uniting Church and Home conference. I’d like to, but … well… it’s a loooong story, one that involves having our eyes opened to the truth and still adjusting to the light. Part of us is still very much upset at the light being turned on. Ya know, that whole, “Hey! I was sleeping! Whad’ya hafta go an’ flip on the switch for???!!” Just watch out for the pillow being hurled that general direction, ya know? Once our eyes have properly adjusted, we’ll be glad, I just know it, to the view we see. God is so good and faithful… it’s our flesh that resists.

    I’ll be coming back to Janice’s studies on one Monday a month starting either this month or next. Hooray! I haven’t gone regularly to her studies for over two years! I miss her and her teachings! How, if you live so far away, have you signed up for her studies? Do you mean to receive them through e-mail? If so, I can send you some past studies, if you like.

    Anyway, gotta run. So glad to find a like-minded friend.


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