The Box Came!!!!

Feb. 8, 2006 – The box came!!!!

Yesterday when we got home from the children’s ballet classes, there was a box from Vision Forum on the front porch.  The merchandise from our excellent shopping spree had arrived.  I actually restrained myself and we waited on Shane to get home before we opened the box.  So many good things.  We purchased our own copy of “League of Grateful Sons”  which is a must see.  We gave this to my Dad for Christmas, and since he’s not a believer, we previewed it first.  After watching it, he told me that this should be required viewing for all children.  We also purchased “So Much More,”  “The Boys of Grit” series,  the last 2 “Johnathan Park” CD sets, “The Von Trapp Children, Vol II”, “The Adventures of Missionary Heroism”  and the “Stories of the Reformation” series and “The Princess and the Kiss”   

If you cannot tell, we are big advocates of Vision Forum.  If you are not familiar with their products, I encourage you to check out their website.  They have high quality products.  And strive to strenghten families and help parents teach girls to be girls and boys to be boys.  We haven’t been disappointed with anything we have purchased from them (and believe me, it’s been a bunch)


We have aleady listened to the Von Trapp CD.  Today Malachi has a Dr. appointment so the ENT can check his new ear tubes.  He had a “nose job” in December, and they replaced both tubes then.  (He has a cleft-palate and this was his nose revision surgery –Shane thinks it’s funny that his 5 year old son got a “nose job”)  So I guess we’ll start on the next set of Johnathon Park on the way.  Whoopee!


I may have to “suspend” school for a few days so we can start reading. 



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Feb. 8, 2006 – Untitled Comment

Just found your blog and wanted to say “Hi!” I love Vision Forum also….and I LOVE getting packages when I have ordered books! And btw…I don’t think it counts as cancelling school if you are all reading. :o)

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Feb. 12, 2006 – Princess and the Kiss

We purchased this book at last year’s homeschool convention, plus the Squire and the Scroll. Both are excellent books! I think everyone should have them. I am just north of you a couple of hours (in Iowa, near Sioux City). Looks like we have a lot in common. Stop at my blog (Kristi67).