God is good all the time

Sometimes it's hard to realize that God is good all the time.  Often, when we're in the midst of struggle or illness we wonder where He is.  But he is a God whose ways are perfect.  He does see the big picture, and gives us just a glimpse.  Or maybe more of a jigsaw puzzle??  He see's the completed puzzle and we only see a few pieces at a time. 


For us, this year has already had it's share of trials.  It started with an unexpected trip home to Knoxville.  My Dad had quadruple by-pass on Jan. 3rd (he's doing great BTW) 


Actually, the trials started  before 2005 was over.  Our youngest son had cleft-palate surgery right before Christmas.  This was actually a good thing, just stressful since we didn't know exactly what to expect.  He is doing great too. 


…on Christmas Eve, we found out that my Mom's best friend of nearly 30 years has liver cancer.  A few days later we found out that it has spread to her brain.  She is in her mid 50's and is a wonderfully sweet lady.  She just went through her 2nd round of Chemo and is coming out of the effects of it.  But is going downhill quickly. 


… another friend was diagnosed with breast cancer…  I'm tired of the “C” word!  We know several battling this disease. 


…my natural hormone doctor moved back to Florida unexpectedly and I was almost out of refills on my prescription  (those of you going through menopause will understand why this is a trial.   And if you don't your husband's will). 


…my Dad had his surgery and the children and I spent almost 2 weeks caring for him.  (He had actually had a mild heart attack in November and didn't realize it) 


…we thought we had a precious baby boy to add to our family, but the birth-family changed their mind.


…last Friday, one of my many Uncle's lungs collapsed.  He passed yesterday afternoon.  This is the 1st of my Dad's siblings to die.  And, I'm traveling to Atlanta (from the Kansas City area) over the weekend  for the funeral.  2 trips south in 2 months–not my idea of fun.


But already I have seen the blessings in these things: 


1. My brother just purchased his first house and we got to see it.

2.  I had some wonderful conversations with my  Dad–about our children, God       and other things.  (he always does better in person over a cup of “Weigel's coffee,  sitting in his office than on the phone or email)

3.   I got to see my Mom's friend while she was relatively heathy.  

4.  I saw several of my Dad's friends that I hadn't seen in a long time. 

5.  Our updated homestudy is ready for God's leading

6.  My Dad seems to be thinking more about things of God.

7.  I am reminded of what a wonderful, loving supportive, husband I have. 

8.  This is the first sibling of my Dad to pass– there are 7 of them. 


There are many other smaller blessings that God has given during this time. He does work all things out together for good for those that love him and are called according to his purpose. 


All the time, God is good.