Valentine’s Boxes

We had a great time making these.  Daddy is Mr. Creative  We had 2 oatmeal boxes to use and one shoebox..    He came up with the ideas.  I's is a red rocket.  H's is a pink computer, and M's is a pink drum.  They all decorated their own. 






2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Boxes

  1. I have heard recently of other problems similar to this in homeschool groups. I am one of those people who probably would not participate in the Valentine exchange, but it certainly wouldn’t bother me for others to do so. I don’t understand this attitude of “my way or the highway” in regard to issues like this in homeschool groups. Hope you and your family can still go and have a great time!


  2. hi! I followed a link from OreoSouza’s site, I think.

    It seems to me that the issue wasn’t so much whether to have the exchange or not, but how it was handled. I would be hurt if I’d sent reminders that just *disappeared* and I wasn’t told what was going on … if people made decisions but didn’t tell me, just quietly deleted my input.

    I am a non-exchanger, LOL ~ I understand the “if you don’t want to participate, don’t” but on the other hand, if there IS one I always feel like I SHOULD, and feel bad if we receive but don’t give, or if I don’t have enough, etc … I don’t think I’d say I have “problems” with them (i.e. I don’t think I’d be one of the families that calls afterwards and says, “ack!”) but I’m always relieved when there is not one …

    anyway, all that rambling to say I’m sorry you were hurt in the exchange about the exchange, and glad to hear like things are smoothed out. 🙂


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