A Much Needed Rest

Feb. 20, 2006 – A Much Needed Rest

About a year ago, Shane and I made a commitment to have a date night every month, and an overnight date once every quarter in the year.  We have been faithful to this commitment and have enjoyed having the alone time with each other.   This time with all the events of the year thus far, it was an especially nice time to get away, reconnect and regroup. 


A few weeks ago, Shane talked to me about what we were going to do for our overnight this quarter — The Savoy Hotel (downtown Kansas City) reopened several years ago, they are slowly renovating it as a bed and breakfast.  It is on the historic registry.  The restaurant has served Presidents such as Harding, Truman, and Reagan.  Unfortunately, most of the history has been lost on the hotel.  But I can imagine some of the “rich and famous” of days gone by staying in the suite where our heads laid Friday night. Our best friends kept the children and off I went to meet Shane after work.   We went to Houllihan’s for dinner (had a gift card, so dinner was very reasonable).   

Then off to the Savoy. …


Imagine stepping back in time.  A simplier time.  Inlaid 1 inch tiles on the floor– all laid by hand, probably thousands of them.  Old hotel front desk, an actual key for the room (no little plastic card here).  A Victorian suite on the 6th floor… 12 foot ceilings, two pedestal sinks in the spacious bath and a claw foot bathtub.  Hot, yes, I mean hot water for the bath, and actual working radiator heat.  Quite honestly it was a little chilly, the windows have not been replaced and it was about 25 degrees outside. 


The next morning… a breakfast that could kill you if you ate it everyday   But it was delicious!!!  Wonderful Kona coffee, Lobster Bisque (the best!), Crab Crepes, Salmon and Caviar (yes, we tried it– very interesting), Eggs Benedict, Scallopine of Veal Marsals,Sauteed Lamb with Artichokes, etc.  Yes, all of these things and more for breakfast.  The entire menu is on their website at www.savoyhotel.net.  They recommend that you pick 4-5 items per person.  Of course we both picked different things and shared.  By the time we go back they won’t remember us, and we got to try more new and interesting things. 


Since we live in the country,where it’s dark, and quiet, we didn’t sleep that well.  But it was a neat experience.  I would suffer through lack of sleep for another bowl of Lobster Bisque and a bath in the claw foot tub. 


Thanks for a wonderful time sweetheart