Answered Prayer Adoption

The hearing was today for the young man we are hoping to adopt.  His birthmother relinquished her parental rights today.  We really did not expect this to happen.  She is supposed to see him one last time to tell him that she relinquished and to say goodbye.  This is a bittersweet moment.  On one hand, we’re excited about the possibility of being his forever parents; but on the other hand, it is a sad day because he has just had a major loss in his life. For a 9 year old, he has had a lot of losses in his life.  And quite honestly, I mourn for the birthmother’s loss,  I really believe she loved him greatly.  And IMO, she showed it today by making the greatest sacrifice she could ever make for him.  She made the choice, instead of dragging it out further and forcing the state to terminate rights. 


It looks as if God is working in this situation.  We asked for “something” to happen this month if we were to move forward.  Not only did “something” happen, but a major “something” happened.  There is a permanancy hearing in April.  It is possible (but not likely, in human terms)  that they could place him with us at that time– if we are chosen to be his family.  


I cannot wait to share more about this young man, but since he is not aware of what his future holds, we could jeapordize placement his future with us if we say more. 



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