Sometimes I wonder…

…what in the world God is thinking.   There are those mothers that are cut out to be mothers of boys.  God has granted them patience for this job.  I have a friend that has 4 boys and she is one of those mothers.  She rolls with the punches, letting the “boy” things slide off her back.   Her oldest is 17, and her youngest is 9.  Although I know better, it seems as if nothing they do gets under her skin. 


Then, there are mothers of boys like me… I'm working on letting things roll off my back, but haven't been very successful to this point.  God is using my boys to teach me patience.  Take last night for an example.  The youngest has been a STINKER for 2 days now.      Monday, he threw several fits like he hasn't thrown for a year or more,  I mean an in the floor, screaming bloody murder fits.  Throwing off shoes, wallowing on the floor, acting like a baby fit.  Fits like this (or worse) were an almost everyday occurance (sometimes an all day occurance) for the first several months after he came home with us.  But by God's grace, I maintained my cool yesterday.  And everyone, except him, had a great day. 


Today was another story.  Not only did I not maintain my cool with the youngest, but I took out my frustration on the other 2.  It was not a bad day, but there were frustrating moments.  In fact, except for the youngest, it was actually a pretty good day– until the late afternoon.  Then I blew it!  I had some errands to run after their ballet classes.  As usual, I reminded the children about the behaviour I expected while we were out.  As unusual— they behaved poorly.  Overall, it was pretty minor stuff–curious about new places and things.  Pretty normal children– I would have done the same thing as a child. One more stop — instant replay.  In all fairness, they were excited  about having dinner out with Daddy, and hadn't rested during the day.  The over stimulation got under their skin and they couldn't control themselves.  The frustrations with the youngest got under my skin and I didn't control myself.  After fussing for 5-10 minutes, I regrouped and told myself, it was just a setback.  I put in some Handel's Water Music, we found a place to park for 30 minutes or so, the children rested and we were all in a better frame of mind.


Actually, dinner went quite well and we had an enjoyable time.  As we were leaving the restaurant, the children wanted balloons.  Totally appropriate for the older two (the younger had lost all privileges at this point).  While Daddy was tying H's, My life-loving middle son started bouncing his and bounced it right into a lady walking by… being the understanding, kind, loving mother that I am, I proceeded to take the balloon away from him.   I over-reacted and hurt his feelings and he went home without a balloon.  By the time it was over all 4 of us (Daddy excluded) were in tears about everything.  When we got home,  I apologized and all is well now.  (Isn't it wonderful how forgiving children are when we parents mess up in a royal way?) 


Unfortunately, Mother didn't tell me their would be days like this, by the grace of God, I will figure it out– probably by the time all my boys are out of the house and grown.  I just hope they won't remember too much about Mommy's stupidity (or better yet, learn from it) and will remember all the hugs, snuggles, story times, tickle sessions and good times.