The crisis is over

The social worker is being dealt with– she is to have no contact with the young man at this time.   He is doing better– realizing that the social worker made a mistake, and being assured that God is watching over him and will take care of him.  He has a great foster family- including a brother that was adopted from the system.  He is able to really relate to the loss–his birthfamiles rights were terminated, so he understands by experience. 


I so wish that he could know about our desire for him to be part of our family. 


Mourning will be a lifelong process.  Even I (who was a newborn when we adopted him) misses his birthmother at times.  She has chosen to not maintain contact.  M misses his foster family (the only family he ever knew and he was only 3 when he came home)  H sees her birthfamily at least twice a year, so it's not as big a deal for her, but sometimes she misses them too. 


The adoption specialist knows we are very interested– our homestudy is not quite updated.  It will be sent to her next week.  Now we wait for the permanancy hearing in April.  Hopefully, there will be no further kinks before then.