T.V shows Christians are watching

Saturday morning, our congregation had a “Father – Son”breakfast.  Shane and the boys were unable to go as it was very early in the morning and we needed our sanity later in the day.  Otherwise, we'd look like this   by the end of the day.


Of course some of the ladies that helped were talking about it after church and mentioned that they did their own version of  “American Idol”  I just smiled and nodded and found a reason to move on to someone else very quickly.  There, some were talking about how wonderful it was that “Oprah” was talking about the mess that is still in Slidell, LA last week.  This is not an unusal occurance.  Usually it's “Dr. Phil” or “The Amazing Race” or some nighttime soap opera they are talking about.  My husband works for a Christian ministry and this happens at his place of work as well. 


Let's think about “American Idol”  It's a catchy title, isn't it?  However, the word “Idol” alone brings in connotations that I do not care for.  In Exodus we are told to “have no god's before me”, and to “make no graven images”.  Didn't the Israelites get into trouble for making a golden calf?   Do we not worship rock stars, movie stars, sports “heroes” talk show hosts, and an array of other from the “rich and famous” lifestyles without having a T.V. show to promote them? 


I have heard Christians talking about Dr. Phil like he was the mouthpiece of God himself.  Granted, he may have some good advice, but, to my knowledge, he is not a believer, so why would we go to a couselor that doesn't consider the Word of God?  Oprah does good work, but again, she is not a believer, as she has an eccectic religion–made of things she likes, not based on the Word of God.  And don't even get me started on night-time soaps Or on some of the movies these Christians come to church or the workplace and talk about. 


We have been in homes where the T.V. must  be on because the show can't be missed.  So we are either visit over the program, or watch the program.  Neither of which I am interested in doing. 


The Word of God says we should think on things that are true, noble, right pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy.  Most of the T.V. shows available today are none of these things.  Yet, we are praising them like they are.  This is not something most of these people are even ashamed to admit.  In fact, they seem to carry it almost like a banner to be proud of. 


I don't know about you, but I have a hard enough time doing the right thing without the inflences of the T.V. in my home. Are you faced with similar issues?  How do you handle it? 


3 thoughts on “T.V shows Christians are watching

  1. Well…we have a tv problem here, but being aware of it helps to turn it off more often. My mother is like those that you mention, having the tv on ALL THE TIME. When we first started homeschooling, I got good about having the tv off nearly all the time. After the baby was born, that changed. Now we are weaning off of the tv again. It’s getting easier to keep it turned off as the content keeps getting more and more offensive. We can’t watch a program together with the kids without seeing a commercial that is inappropriate.

    I think our old tv is about to burn out, though, and I won’t be in a hurry to get another one. LOL!!

    Thanks for your post on this, I hope many people are convicted.


  2. I’d get rid of out TV all together if dh allowed it to be gone! But he’s not willing to part. Yeah, I can’t stand hearing people at church talk about some of the things they watch … Saturday Night Live, Dr. Phil, Oprah … and I can’t really finish my comment without sounding judgmental so I’ll just leave it at that.=)


  3. Are you tired of me yet? :0) I really agree with you, and the only TV we watch are the videos we buy. We really don’t even prefer children’s videos about Bible stories because they falsify them so much in the name of fun. I’d rather them watch Andy Griffith or something (even then, I watch closely), than watch a Bible story made into something untrue. I could go on, but just wanted to say that I whole heartedly agree!! It is a gift that you have to be able to speak so freely. God bless, Melissa


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