frustrated with vacation planning– too many children!! ugh!!

We seem to be making quite a few hotel reservations right now, we usually do this at this time of year and get it all behind us.  But this year it is a little discouraging. 


The homeschool conference we go to is about 1 1/2 hours away this year.  Thankfully, we have a $50 voucher at an Econolodge and we're using it on this.  Entry is free, because of hubby's job.  The only expense is for the Children's Conference  (yes, we do this even though we don't do Sunday School.  It is a nice treat for the children and it is age-integrated), dinner for Friday night.  We will probably take sandwich stuff for lunches, and have continental breakfast at the hotel.   And whatever resources at Vision Forum's booth (or any other worthwhile vendor we find)  we want to purchase that we don't have already.


About now, we also start making our vacation reservations– or at least start looking.  Since by then we are hoping to have a 4th child, this is becoming a challenge.  The “not available” on regular rooms is becoming discouraging.  We actually hope that God will bless us with even more after the 4th, but we're going to have to get creative on vacation plans at this rate. 


This year we are going to St. Louis and to Hannibal, MO.  St. Louis is great– we found a Studio Plus that will sleep six for a reasonable amount.  Hannibal… well that's another story.  So far, the Quaility Inns and Suites is the best I can find — it's basically a 3 bed suite for about $100 a night.  Some of you may be saying “Not bad”  but you must understand we are the frugal family.  Sometimes Shane can eat lunch for a buck or two.  The 3 children and I can eat lunch at Long John Silver's for $10.00 and Wendy's for about $7.00.  So $100 a night for 3 nights is expensive for us.  (esp. since the Studio plus for 5 nights is under $400)  Now, in it's defense, this hotel does have an indoor pool (children will love this) a hot breakfast (a nice plus) and a daily newspaper (hubby likes to buy one when we go somewhere anyway)  but is it worth $300+?  It migh just have to be– either that, or 2 rooms which I don't relish either–even if it was less expensive.    


At some point, we may have to consider what our friends with 6 children have done– a pop up camper that will sleep all eight of them.  For now, it looks like Hannibal will get the best of us. 


2 thoughts on “frustrated with vacation planning– too many children!! ugh!!

  1. Yes, with 5 kids we’ve BTDT. Lately we have talked about renting an RV from now on when we go on vacation.

    Blessings ~ Diane


  2. when we don’t plan on staying in the room for any extended period other than baby naps or overnight sleeping, we pack sleeping bags/blankets/inflatable sleeping bags, etc. and the kids rough it and stow it in the closet during the day.
    We do own a driving RV that sleeps 6 comfortably, but we’re selling it (actually doing a rent to own for a New Orleans construction manager who needed a place to live while working there). We found the gas prices and wear & tear on it just too costly to keep.
    If you can swing a pull-behind type they are much more affordable (my aunt bought a barely used pop-up one that sleeps 4 for less than $1500) and the interest is deductible on your taxes. If your husband uses it for work, you can also deduct the whole purchase as a business purchase and depreciate it over the next couple of years. May be worth it in the long run if you travel a lot.
    Yes it would be an investment, but if you buy used you can get a really good deal and have loads o’ fun to boot!
    Melanie in LA


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