Nervous for Nothing

We had a great time today.  I was nervous for nothing.  The skating rink was packed!  And my daughter and I weren’t the only ones in skirts today.  Many, many girls and women skating in skirts– I wasn’t so weird today.  Malachi behaved himself and we had a wonderful time.  Thank you Marsha and Courtney for your words of encouragement. 


We went to my husband’s parents for their youngest daughter’s birthday celebration after skating, speech therapy and a stop by the farm store for chicken fee.  She is turning 7 tomorrw– yes, she ‘s adopted, we started the tradition and they followed suite.  They also have a 15 year old boy that is pretty amazing in his own right.  Someday, I’ll have to tell you about this remarkable young man.  We had pizza and chips and a good time was had by all.  It’s late, I’m tired..


Sweet dreams


One thought on “Nervous for Nothing

  1. Glad things worked out well! Isn’t it wonderful that our kids are always growing, changing and improving?



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