Trust Fund for Missey

Mar. 3, 2006 – Trust fund for Missey

I did not know Missey, not even sure I had visited her blog before her death.  But whenever something like this happens to someone in the “prime” of their life, I can’t help but be saddened.  Especially when it is someone not to different than myself.  It reminds me that life is just a vapor, and we have no control over our future.  Thanks be to God that there are no surprises to Him.  He has everything in His hands and under His control. 


I am not sad for Missey, not after reading some of her blog yesterday.   She is rejoicing with the Creator and praising His Name.  I pray that the family can take comfort in knowing she is with Jesus today.  However, for her 5 little precious souls and her devoted husband, family members and friends–I’m sure it is still devastating to face the future today and will be for days, weeks, months and even in the years to come. 


Apparently, Missey had no life insurance.  There has been a fund set up through Paypal.   If we all help out a little, we can make a great difference in this family’s future.   To find out more about it visit Kris Price’s blog 

or Debra Turner’s blog 


Please prayerfully consider helping this family in their time of need and continue to pray for their strength through this tragic and difficult circumstance.