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I started getting Heartlight's “Today's Verse” in my email box a few weeks ago.  Today's verse was

— Deuteronomy 6:6-7

These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your

hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit

at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and

when you get up.


THIS   is WHY  we home school. 


Let me admonish you that if you are a Christian, and if you are not homeschooling for this reason, then you need to reconsider your reason.  Academics are a nice by-product of home education.  Having your children with you are definately a wonderful part of home-education.  If you've reacted to something that happened at the government school and teaching them at home because of it, then your motives are wrong.  If you're not teaching them at home so you can teach them more diligently the ways of God, then you are wasting your time for eternity. 


If you are considering putting your children back in government schools, or partaking of “programs” offered by the government school, (or do I say even co-op programs where you don't know who's teaching your children)  you are serving both God and Mammon and the Word says you cannot do both.  How can you impress the laws of God on a child's heart when the are away from you for 8 plus hours a day?  How can you counteract the lies they are being taught in the government school in the short time you have between dinner, sports, theater, church activities etc.?  How can you teach them the ways of God if you're only with them a short time of the waking hours of the day.  It's time to wake up! 


This may sound harsh, and unloving –believe me, it is not my intent.  Teaching your children at home and teaching them for the Kingdom of God is the most loving thing you can do for your child– and for you. 


6 thoughts on “Today’s Verse

  1. Hi Christine! I have a friend that is moving to Monett, MO– you’re not near there, are you???

    Tiennamen Square was very cold, windy and just…weird…odd…I tried not to think back about the tank running over that student. Besides, you can’t say anything derogatory about the government in public. But I do know that since the gov’t controls all the media and stuff that the general public only thinks of that incident (that they didn’t really see on tv) as a STUDENT RIOT that attacked the military/police…not the other way around. *sigh* It took a lot for me to visit China emotionally…I just couldn’t imagine living in a communist country where you can’t even openly turn to God…



  2. I couldn’t agree with you more!! Again, God bless you for speaking out on such important issues. I hope you are doing well!! God bless you, Melissa (and do consider myself a KY girl though have only been here 6 years LOL)


  3. We refer to that verse of scripture quite often in our home. You are so right, as Christians, if we are homeschooling for any other reasons, we need to so some serious re evaluations!
    Cathy :o)


  4. I had that verse posted on our family website. And that was the same verse that inspires me to homeschool my son (I only have one then). Now I will be homeschooling 2 boys. I love homeschool! There is no greater joy than to have the priveledge to teach your own children. That’s why I love this country and I thank God for my husband for letting me stay home with our kids. God is good!


  5. Thank you for your wise thoughts on homeschooling! I agree and wish everyone homeschooling could read them! This is the SPECIAL VERSE in which the Lord gave me when I was convicted to homeschool 9 years ago!! Praise God for bold Christian women who aren’t afraid to speak up for the TRUTH!


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