The Change in Homeschooling

Homeschooling has changed so much over the years.  Even since I married by dear homeschooled husband almost 12 years ago.  He recently blogged about the changes he has seen since his parents began the battle for home education.  From not being able to buy a single book from a company (they couldn't figure out how to bill it) to changes with more serious implications. 


It is in 2 parts, I hope I get this right.


When I was in the “real world” I was so much more computer literate   Of course that was before Windows made it's debute.  Boy did I know DOS.  Am I telling my age?  I was very, very, very young then.    Wow did I digress there!!!


Anyway, I think he wrote a great article on the changes in homeschooling.  Of course, I do happen to be a little, tiny bit prejudice. 




2 thoughts on “The Change in Homeschooling

  1. Oh, I read those posts, and commented on one of them. I didn’t realize that was your husband. I love his avatar. It reminds me of my grandpa (he wears coveralls because he has an ostomy bag, and he wears a hat like that from his army days) and my little boy Jesse. So precious.
    Blessings ~ Diane


  2. Hi! Thanks for my very first comment! I am now really excited. Your comment really put a smile on my face even if my eyes are still kind of sore (from the crying). Thank you again! I can’t wait to get settled in MO. I think I’m gonna like our new lifestyle there but I’m sure gonna miss the ocean here.


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