I’m Not a Goatmother!

A few months ago, I ran across an article about the difference in “kids” and “lambs” as they relate to children.  It was in an article that  Nancy Campbell wrote. 


http://www.aboverubies.org/  Go to “Articles and Stories” then “by Nancy Campbell, then, “Who Wants Kids”  Believe me, it’s worth going there and checking out the article for yourself. 


Mrs. Campbell, makes several good points.  But here is the one that really struck me.


Kids are baby goats.  Now, I knew this already, but I didn’t realize exactly what it meant.  After they give birth momma goats basically leave the kids alone to be raised on their own.  I’ve not had goats, so I’ve not seen this happen.  She related  it to our culture.  This is exactly what happens.  Babies are born and sent to day care while Mom goes to fulfill her life.  Then they go to school, and come home to an empty house, the gov’t school nurtures them and feeds them and “cares” for them. 

Momma (and Daddy) are rarely seen again– unless “kid” needs something. 


Sheep however, are a different story.  The Mommas care for the lamb while they grow up.  Lambs stay close by their mothers.  Mamma teaches them, nurtures them and makes sure they grow up to be good sheep. 


I have always called my children “kids.”  Everyone does, right?  Well, this article really got me thinking.  I talked to the children about it and none of them wanted to be “goats”  I talked to Shane about it and we all agreed.  Lambs are better than goats.  So for the past few months, we have been making a great effort to call the children, children instead of kids. (Mrs. Campbell recommends calling them lambs, but we haven’t worked our way there yet)   At first, it seemed very awkward and unnatural.   But now it seems awkward to call them kids.  Every now and then I’ll slip.   If Isaac is around he’ll call me on it  (and say “I’m not a goat!”).  They are nurtured, cared for, taught, and loved at home– they are lambs. 



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Mar. 9, 2006 – Untitled Comment

Posted by DiWilliams (IP Not Logged)

I’ve read that article in the past, and totally agree, but I still have a hard time not saying “kids”! Especially when my oldest is not a “child” so much anymore … he’ll be 14 this month!
Blessings ~ Diane