“It” Hit Again and Other Ramblings

After a busy, busy week, Little Bit (Malachi) has the stomach flu.  It hit at 12:30 this morning.  He is such a trooper though.  It's matter of fact– “I can do this”.  “I don't want Mamma staying with me.”  “I'm tough”    He acted the same way after his nose revision surgery in December.  Such a contrast to last Friday's “heeeelp me Mom” (Imagine poor pitiful boy voice) from our Bubba (Isaac).  The good thing is this only seems to last about 12 hours or so– but why couldn't it have hit during waking hours.


Good thing our friends called to cancel plans for tonight. 


She just found out she is preg with number 6.  They are also adopting a sister, for the one girl they have, from Liberia. When she comes home, that will make 7 under the age of 7.  This will make 5 births– they adopted one of their boys from Korea about 3 years ago.  Her body does not handle pregnancy well, so she will be sickly a lot of the next few months.  This is also faster than she's gotten pregnant after giving birth.  I think the youngest is about 6-8 months old?  She is due in October.  Please say a prayer for her and her precious family. 


My friend and I had lunch together yesterday.  This has been a monthly thing for about 4 years now.  Her oldest watches all the children and we spend the day together.  This is a day we all look forward to every month.  Yesterday was a day for cars to be in the shop.  Mine, for brakes, hers for the blower on her Suburban.  I drove their little stickshift truck, because she can't and off we went.  Honestly, I wasn't sure I could drive it–it's been about 8 years.   But you know, it's like a bicycle.  I owned stickshifts most of my driving years.  If we didn't need a van, I'd love to own one now.  That's okay, when all of the children are gone and it's just Shane and I and we're old and wrinkled– I'll be driving a Mini-Cooper


I can dream– can't I?


I must confess — Shane LOVES to smoke.  He is addicted.  I LOVE that he LOVES to smoke. 


Yes, he loves to smoke ribs, chicken, pork chops, jerky…  He is smoking ribs today.   Yippee!!! He smokes the best ribs.  Wish we could invite all our friends over for some.  Oh yeah, I guess you don't want the stomach flu? 


This is what happens to me when I'm way sleep deprived– I think I'll say goodbye for now.  I'll write more when I can think coherently. 






One thought on ““It” Hit Again and Other Ramblings

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for posting on my blog. I hope you understood what I was saying about them going with the adoption choice. That I feel they are doing a great thing, but it would be very hard for me and I feel that those women are turely doing the right thing. And praises go to you for adopoting some of the children that need good homes!!

    Anyways sounds like you have fun with your friend! I also really enjoy driving stick shifts. Its so much fun!!! And my DH is with you about driving a mini cop. once the kidos (even though we only have one hoping God will grace us with more) are grown.
    Sorry to hear that your son caught the bug!! My house just finally got over it (its been like 2 months since we started getting sick) hope he gets feeling better soon!! He sounds like a very tough boy!!


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