Tornados Everywhere

We had some horrendous storms go through our area yesterday.  I believe the 1st tornado hit around 4 in the afternoon and the last storm wasn't over until about 11 last night. We even had golfball size hail!   We don't have a basement, but do have a deep crawlspace — we went under twice last night and thought we might have to go a 3rd time. 

The children blogged about it, so I'll just put their link here. 


I took a picture of the hail that Bubba brought in after the 1st storm passed.  It had melted some by then. 

There was much damage throughout the Metro, and maybe 2 or more dead. 



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  1. Yep, it is very warm in here. It feels like summer already, yipee! My husband joke me that it feels like home to you know.. haha

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