It’s Spring and I Have an Incredible Husband!

Mar. 14, 2006 – It’s Spring and I Have an Incredible Husband!

I’ve been having a rough week.  With the tornadoes Sunday night and not much sleep then, I just haven’t caught up. 

Little Bit and Bubba are bouncing off the walls   because they are tired too.  They refuse to take a nap, even though they really, really really need it.  They have been pushing, and pushing.    I’ve been doing my best to hold myself together– did a better job today than yesterday.  But still nothing that would get me “Greatest Mommy” award. 


Knowing that it has been a rough couple of days,  Shane walks in the door today with not one but, two bouquets of flowers.    He had purchased roses when he realized that the grocery store might have some Daffodils — my very favorite flower — and they did.  So that’s how I ended up with Roses and Daffodils. 


I love Daffodils– to me, they are “the” sign of spring.  Many years ago, around the first of March when I was in Community College in Knoxville, TN   I would start looking for them on Pellissippi Parkway while driving to class.  Then one morning there they would be– scattered all over Pellissippi Parkway and I knew spring wasn’t far away.     


Thanks honey– you know just when I need a pick me up.  Now if I can just get some sleep