Proud to be a Fundamentalist and Member of the Religious Right

I believe in the Bible as the total, complete and accurate Word of God.  Not just what I want to believe, but the things I don’t like either– I guess that makes me a fundamentalist.  I believe in the right to home-educate my children, the government  being smaller, and in the Constitution of this great country– I guess that makes me part of the Religious Right. 


My hubby sent me a link from Worldview Weekend that talks about Rick Warren’s attack on fundamental religions.  You can see the entire article here


But here is what is boiling my blood!!!!     He actually has the audacity to state that: 


I’m not a member of the religious right and I’m not a fundamentalist …Today there really aren’t that many Fundamentalists left; I don’t know if you know that or not, but they are such a minority; there aren’t that many Fundamentalists left in America.”


And then tried to clean it up by the following: 


So, before a very diverse, secular and ecumenical audience, Warren says he IS NOT a fundamentalist. Then, in a later damage-control article, written for the benefit of Christian pastors who subscribe to his website and buy his Purpose Driven products, “Saddleback Church is unapologetically fundamentalist.” Handy, huh?


These are Rick Warren’s word– not mine!  From the website linked above. 


I think he better wake up and smell the coffee.  The churches that are preaching the Word of God are growing.  They are producing true Christians– those that are stiving for the goal.  Not just those that are giving lip-service and then living their lives however they desire.  I am tired of “seeker” churches,  shopping mall churches, and the watered-down Word of God!  Preach the Word– it is all we need for life and Godliness and teach people about Him.    (, I’ll get off the soapbox now)


I think it would be interesting if all of us in the “minority” would show him just how extinct we are becoming.  Here is the link to contact the Purpose-driven ministry.






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Mar. 15, 2006 – Untitled Comment

Preach it sister! :O)

That really surprises me that Rick Warren said that! How sad.

We (not specifically us, but all Christians who believe the BIble is literal) were recently referred to as “fundies” by a “friend”. Ha! I had to laugh. I hadn’t heard that term before. I guess I am!

My kids are trying to get their heads around the fact that although some people call themselves Christians, many don’t believe that the Bible is literal truth. So, to distinguish between the two, they’ve started calling the two groups believers and Christmas tree Christians (meaning those who celebrate Christmas but don’t believe). Kids cut straight to the heart of things sometimes.

Thanks for the great post!


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Mar. 15, 2006 – Great post….

I’d love to write a blog post about the fallacies of Rick Warren.
I try not to think about how my Pastor follows Rick Warren’s teachings. I only am a member of this church because it is where God and my husband wants us.

Thank you for stopping by my blog.
Your encouragement is powerful,
God bless,

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Mar. 15, 2006 – Purpose Driven

I am a member of a mostly wonderful church that I love, but unfortunately it has been bitten by the Purpose Driven bug. One family left when our church did the 40 Days of Purpose. I didn’t know much about it then, and started reading the book, but I never finished it … finally I threw it away. Of course that’s the same response my pastor’s wife had to Created to be his Helpmeet, she threw it in the trash. So … I’m in this tricky spot right now … love my church, have great, like-minded friends there, but I am uncomfortable with certain things there.
Anyway … thanks for the info. That was interesting.

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Mar. 16, 2006 – Not surprised at all

We just left a Purpose Driven church in January, in order to find a Kingdom-driven church. When friends ask us if we’re just looking for like-minded families to worship with, we tell them no. If they were like-minded we’d be sure to fail. We’re looking for Christ-minded families who are convinced the WHOLE Bible is God’s Word.
Have you read the book Revolution by George Barna? I recommend it. We have found ourselves leaning more on God’s Word than ever as we home-church while we wait for God’s direction to a body of believers. This book helped clarify why we knew we were doing the right thing, but couldn’t find the words to describe the leading of the Holy Spirit away from the old church and way of doing things.
Melanie – a revolutionary who is seeking to know the mind of Christ daily