The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Goofer Girl  is our little theologian.  She can come up with the deepest questions about God.  Most of these I have to send Daddy's way, as I have no good answer, and he is the big theologian in the house. 


Yesterday I sent a Bubba question Daddy's way, but it was not theological in nature; although I'm sure it took some deep thought to come up with, somewhere in his little mind. 


“Mommy, what makes a juicy fart?”


Now, I must say that I could probably have answered his question.  My question was do I WANT to answer that?    I thought it better left for the man of the house.  Daddy didn't disappoint him. 


One thought on “The Difference Between Boys and Girls

  1. I was so excited that in doing a random blog that I cam across yours. I am even more excited (or at least a little less concerned) with the fact that my son ins’t the only one obsessed with such questions right now. I don’t think a day goes by that he does not discuss that particular subject. Thank you for making me feel like my family might be a bit normal- or at least not alone


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