Children and Sunday School

Mar. 16, 2006 – Children and Sunday School

The purpose of Sunday school– “to keep children out of our hair so we can worship” according to one Pastor.  I found this quote at Doug’s Blog on Vision Forum’s website.  This is actually a “guest blog” from Scott Brown. 


Scott also mentions one church’s policy about removing a child that is disturbing someone’s “worship experience”.  He actually quotes the policy in the blog.  Quite honestly, had this happened to me, I would have gotten up and left to find a church that believes children are the blessings they are.  Maybe my reaction is harsh, but I’m sure as the mother of my children my “worship experience” would have been disturbed knowing that a congregation of the Lord’s body didn’t want my children being a bother. 


A while back I wrote about taking the children out of Sunday School.  (Do I Dare Say It)  Reading Doug’s blog reminded me as to part of the conviction we felt about sacrificing our children on the altar of  Sunday School.  Here are some of the reasons we decided to do SS at home as a family. 


1.  Deut. 6:6-7 says we are to teach our children when we sit walk, rise, and lie down.  It is the parent’s responsibilty to teach their children.


2.  There is no evidence in Scripture that the early church seperated the young from the old.   The church was comprised of all ages. 


3.  Hubby went through his Bible-soft program and printed out every reverence to teaching/teacher.  We went through several of  the verses and found that God, parents, or church leaders were the teachers that God chose.  (Remember Job’s friends–they were horrible teachers.)  *We did this more for our 9 y/o than for ourselves, but it was interesting to see.


4.  The teachers that teach the children are volunteers.  Every quarter, there is an announcement from the pulpit, and in the bulletin needing teachers.  If you are a member of the congregation and are a warm body, you’ve met the qualifications.  My children are more valuable to me than this.  Quite honestly, some of the people that we have allowed to teach our children in SS are not the type of person that we want our children imulating. 


We had been part of an age-integrated church for several years.  SS wasn’t an issue, because we worshipped tother. The Bible studies were interesting for the adults and engaging for the children.  But the last several years the church had not been healthy.  There were a couple of major and several minor attacks by the Evil One and in the end he won.  The doors have been closed for 3 years now. 


After being beaten down we gave in.   I am ashamed to say at that time, it was easier to do it than to explain to the children and to the many nosey people as to why we didn’t do SS.  We gave up this convictions for convenience.  It has been difficult to backpeddle, we feel alone.  We don’t feel connectted to the people at our church.   We don’t go to Wednesday service because it’s all age-segregated class with a prayer and a song thrown in at the end in the auditorium.  We come in for worship on Sunday morning, and sit down.  Maybe we visit for a few minutes after church, and we go home.  I am in a small ladies Bible study with 4 others from the church, but since we made our decision, I feel alone there too. 


Thankfully, God has provided a respite of sorts on Wednesday night.  We have found a reformed Baptist church (reformed theology is new to us too) in the city that is working it’s way through Pilgrim’s Progress.  It has been very interesting and our children enjoy it too.  Most of the people homeschool or are pro-homeschooling. 


We have no idea what God’s plan is for us, but thankfully He is not blind.  He knows the plans for us to prosper us and give us a hope and a future and we will trust in Him. 

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Mar. 16, 2006 – Untitled Comment

Oh my word! One phrase caught my attention and made me flinch inside…”worship experience”. Oh dear. Another reason that the Bride of Christ cannot fit into the term “Christianity”. The Bride and Christianity truly do appear to be two different animals.

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Mar. 16, 2006 – Untitled Comment

We have been homechurching for this very same reason~it’s been sooo difficult to find a church that doesn’t literally BOMBARD us to put our children in children’s church~like four or five times in one visit!

Well, that and the fact that it’s also been hard to find a preacher that’s teaching from the Bible instead of just telling stories from the pulpit…. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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Mar. 16, 2006 – Churches

I am pleased to say that my husband pastors a church with no SS, no Children’s church, no special programs for anyone. The Lord has blessed us here with the addition of new families. We have upwards of 40 children (nearly half the congregation) in the services each week, and most of the time you would hardly know they are there. It is so encouraging to me to find people who feel the same way about children.


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Mar. 18, 2006 – Untitled Comment

I think its great that you don’t make your children go else where while the service is going!! I was just talking to my DH about this today, his family feels that they should, but I feel they need to learn to sit and listen(but also bring a bag that contains coloring books ect.) I am going to start praying that Dh sees what I was saying and that maybe he will decided to allow Precious and any other future children to stay with us and really learn about the GOD and JESUS.

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Mar. 20, 2006 – Re: Alternate password

Be sure to copy and paste the password so the blogging software reads it correctly.

~Amy Beth

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Mar. 20, 2006 – Untitled Comment

Wow…I forgot how bad some churchs can be. I remember when my children were much younger, we attended a very small church were we first had sunday school then following was worship. They had a Children’s Church which I never could understand why. This church only had about 30-40 people…including the children. The pews were always so empty. Needless to say…my oldest daughter told me a few things about how they weren’t always treated very nice so we left that church. God has led me to a wonderful church since. It is a large church which I never thought I’d like. They believe in preaching straight from the Bible….which I have found that alot of churches don’t do anymore. They are not a “feel good” church. :o) We do attend sunday school and our children go to their own classes. They have wonderful teachers and so do my husband and I. For us this has helped us to grow in Christ. We are fellowshipping with other Christians which helps us on our walk with Christ. But…our church welcomes children in to the worship hour. In fact they discourage any other way by asking that you only have your kids in one sunday school hour…not both. We are still the ones who are taking on the primary roll of teaching our children, we also homeschool (but I guess since I’m here on Homeschool Blogger, you probably already knew that) which has aloud so many opportunities to talk about Christ.

Any way…I hate that so many people, including my family, have had such negative experiences with churches. I agree with you…children are to be seen as a blessing not an inconvenience. They are this nations future, afterall, so why wouldn’t churches want to pass on our belief in God and His word (the Bible) to our younger generation. Our children are already bombarded with so much negative all around them, the last place they need negativity is in a house of God.