Here a Chicky, There a Chicky Everywhere a Chicky Chicky

Our chicks have arrived.   Click here for pictures and some more pictures   I put them on the children's blog.  We have around 110.  100 to eat — those would be all the yellow ones minus 1 that is a polish crested layer.  And 10 assorted layers to add to the hen house later this year. 


Last year we ordered in June and I roasted several of them.  This year we were planning on putting them in the barn until they were big enough to go to the portable pens.  Wouldn't you know  the first day of spring would be cold, rainy, windy and overall a yucky day.  (They were calling for 8″ of snow earlier today, but have since changed the forecast).  No frozen chicks for us thank you. 


Fast forward to plan B– what plan B? 


In a pinch we found a couple of containers that will hold them until the end of the week when it is supposed to be in the 60's and 70's and the heat lamps can do their job in the barn.  So they are in the, already crowded, mud room   Most of them decided to take a swim in the waterer, so it was touch and go there for a time as I put 3 (yes, 3) heat lamps on them for a few minutes to dry their little bodies.  All of them are now dry, cozy, warm and chirping away.  Actually, it is kind of pleasant.


Now if I can just keep the children and the beagle away from them…