In -Laws Hotlined!!!

Shane just yesterday told his parents about the Creighton family and today my inlaws were hotlined.  They have 2 adopted children in the home and had 3 foster children.  The 3rd foster child was in public school, the rest are home with them.  This 3rd child will not be coming “home” today from school.  They suspect that this child hotlined them, but I suspect the social worker that wanted to adopt him a while back did it.   


This is the child that we have been hoping to adopt, but have felt uncertain about it for about a week now. I don't have time to link back right now, but we have asked for prayers for him before. 


Inlaws will be investigated.  This outrages me and terrifies me at the same time.  DFS/CPS or whatever your state calls it can violate rights all over the place including Constitutional rights.  When someone hotlines they are anonymous–even to DFS, they do not have to tell who they are, nor does DFS have to disclose the accusations.  


I imagine it is like being blindfolded, in a pitch black room with no help to find the door.  Which way does one go? 


Please prayer for my in-laws, and this boy and that they will be cleared very soon.  They are 20 year homeschooling veterans, and have been wonderful parents. 


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  1. I am sad to say I just stepped out of those shoes myself. We had false accusations made against us at the end of Septemeber and it has rocked our world. We were easily cleared by CPS but unfortunately we were with a private agency that chose to take teh side of a couple of teens who had a history of lying. I pray the tragedy will end quickly for your family. OUr investigation was over and completely closed in 30 days but the emotional toil it has taken on our family is still having effects. We decided in January not to pursue moving agencies and get out of foster care. Our focus now is the four children God blessed us with (2 bio, 2 adopted). Lean on the strength of God during this time and He will see you all down this difficult road.


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