Working Mom Tells Us What to Do

Recently, Good Morning America had an interesting guest on their program.  You can see the video and read the article here.  Linda Hirshman, a law professor and working Mom had some things to say that I find greatly disturbing!    Let's not even mention that last time I checked, I live in a free country where I am able to choose how to live my life.  How dare she tell me what I should and should not do as a woman, wife and mother!!!  Oh, whoops, I forgot,  choice is only for those that are on their side of  the argument, pro-abortion, homosexuality anti- family, etc.   Sorry, back to the topic at hand.  I'm so grateful that Dr. Dobson decided to air information about this on his radio program today, otherwise I would probably not even have heard about it at all. 

Here are some quotes from the article:

“Linda Hirshman says privileged, educated women who choose to stay at home to raise their children are hurting themselves and others. (ABC NEWS)” 

We care because what they do is bad for them, is certainly bad for society, and is widely imitated, even by people who never get their weddings in the Times,” Hirshman wrote. “This last is called the 'regime effect,' and it means that even if women don't quit their jobs for their families, they think they should and feel guilty about not doing it.”

Hirshman also said educated women choosing to stay home was bad for them as individuals.

“A good life for humans includes the classical standard of using one's capacities for speech and reason in a prudent way, the liberal requirement of having enough autonomy to direct one's own life, and the utilitarian test of doing more good than harm in the world,” Hirshman wrote. “Measured against these time-tested standards, the expensively educated, upper-class moms will be leading lesser lives.”

This is the precise reason this country is in the dire state it is in! We have left our children to long within the state's care.  And away from the care of loving, supportive parents and family.  Away from the teaching of the Almighty God, and instead teach the need for the almighty dollar.  Needless to say, I am offended by Linda Hirshman's comments  And how I pity her poor children– let's not even mention her poor husband (if she has one).

Leave the children to the state while we go out and fulfill ourselves.  No thank you!   I'm fulfilling myself quite fine by loving and educating my children.   Can I borrow Gena's mantra: 

Bring them home where they belong!









3 thoughts on “Working Mom Tells Us What to Do

  1. I just felt my blood pressure skyrocket…I don’t even know where to begin with that one!!! Grrrrrrr…….

    If that lady (I use the term loosely) is an example of a “privileged, educated woman” then I certainly don’t want to be one myself! I’m sure she’s setting a great example…yup, what I DO in the world (as in my job) is my complete identity and that’s what makes me valuable to society…that is a truly sad idea indeed.

    I wonder if there is a void in her life somewhere…and it certainly won’t be filled by a glamorous career with television appearances…only Jesus! True freedom, contentment and liberation for a woman is knowing that her highest calling is to her family! I’d fought that idea for years with everyone else telling me that “you’re so smart…you should be a doctor or a lawyer” blah blah blah…when all I really wanted to do was be a wife and mother. Even little girls realize this nature inside them. Too bad an “educated” woman like that is completely blind and ignorant.



  2. I used to feel similarly to that woman, I’m ashamed to say. I had bought into the lie that career would be fulfilling enough and children were a burden. Once I became pregnant with our 2nd, we took a parenting class that changed the entire course of our lives and brought me home to raise our then 10 month old and complete my pregnancy without my career. It was the toughest first year and I struggled with depression due to my loss of identity.
    However, God is gracious, and has restored all that was lost and then some!

    BTW – check out my chicken story on my blog today. I’ll have to email you for pointers as it seems we’re destined to raise some chickens in the coming weeks!


  3. I had to stop watching those morning talk shows because I was tired of being bombarded with anti-family values, just leave your kids to the government, and stash away money for when you leave you husband etc. I find great value in raising up the future generation; my husband and I pass that value on to our children, both boys and girls. Thank you for writing your thoughts. I just happened upon your blog as I was looking around, I’m glad I did. 🙂 ~Renee~


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