It’s Over

The DFS invesigators came last night and seperately interviewed every member of the family. The allegations were unfounded.  It was the boy that had instigated the hotline call.


 This is an absolutely unfortunate situation because my in-laws had homeschooled him until he returned to his birthmother a few months ago.  When he came back, they thought it would be temporary so they put him in PS.  They could have chosen to homeschool him again, but didn't want to.  If they had, this entire situation could have been avoided, as the problem started because Mom wouldn't let him go outsdie to wait on the bus because he had been running back and forth across the street and almost got hit the day before. 


Not only did this young man make accusations against Mom and Dad, but he also accused them of abusing other children in the home, and said that their 15 y/o son had beaten him too.  The fact is they had been wrestling and he got hurt like boys do when the wrestle.  Barron (the 15 y/o) is struggling with this as he was in foster care for years before my inlaws adopted him. 


Mom and Dad are leaving this afternoon for an annual trip that he has gone on the past 2 years with them and was looking forward to tremendously.  At some point, probably last night while laying in a strange bed in a strangers home,  he wil realize that he will not be going on that trip.   It is yet to be determined if he will return to my in-laws.  Everyone involved, except the SW, thinks he should return, at least for a few days so he can know that he can't “cry wolf” and have that much control. 


Unfortunately, he doesn't know (and will probably never know) how far reaching his lies went.  If he knows how to use the system like this, then, we cannot risk him jeapordizing our family in that way, so we will not be pursuing the adoption.  God is really so very good, a few days ago, he began preparing both Shane and I for this, unbeknown to the other.  And we are at peace.  The children are all greatly disappointed.  The oldest is taking it especially hard, as they were close friends, and the same age.  Now, not only is unlikely that we will adopt him, but they probably won't even get to see him again, not even to say goodbye. 


This leaves us wondering what God has in mind for us.  We were feeling the tug back in November to start the process again.  We have been put on hold for nearly 3 months with this situation and have an updated homestudy we don't know what to do with.  We had been considering Liberia when these last 2 situations came along.   Goofer had been wanting a sister for years, and both of these situations were boys– who knows maybe she'll get the desire of her heart.  (Honestly, it's the desire of my heart too.) 




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  1. This young man really needs the Lord. Why in the world would he do such a thing? I’ll be praying for him.


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