Homeschoolers: Too Much Trouble

One pastor said this.  I was surfing and found this article at Patriarch's website.  It's written by a medical Doctor about his conversation with one pastor in his community about views towards homeschool families.  He writes about 3 different  views churches take towards homeschoolers, the “trouble” with homeschoolers and how we can respond.  Again, you can check it out here.   Are we rebellious and independent as he says? 


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upon further exploration we discovered that Clinton, MO (where Dr. Bellamy resides) is about an hour from our town– too bad it's in the wrong direction. 




3 thoughts on “Homeschoolers: Too Much Trouble

  1. I read this a while back and thought he made some valid points. Personality wise, many homeschoolers are fiercely independent and not afraid to take some risks or step on some toes when we feel we are doing God’s will…not exactly a proper Christian attitude, but one I see very often…
    I felt he could have been even more aggressive with his perspective!


  2. the year was 2002…we attended a small baptist church where i served as the head deacon. the senior pastor read dr. bellamy’s article and wrote a letter to patriarch magazine in response expanding on what was written to include his own sour opinion of homeschoolers.
    knowing we homeschooled, he asked my opinion. my reply came in at eight pages…it was clear that we were in the wrong place. in time i resigned from the deacons, quietly resigned from the church and slowly began the denominational search, until finally forming a brand new work with four other families.
    as you know from previous posts, it is everything a homeschool family would want in a church…but this article is where it all began…


  3. That was an interesting article. I’m not sure I know *what* to make of it. The church we attended (until recently) didn’t have any homeschooling families but it had a lot of public school teachers.

    We stopped attending because my son didn’t like the Sunday School or the Children’s Church. Worksheets for Sunday School and movies for Children’s Church. Every week. He said it was boring. It’s a shame because I know he likes Sunday School and Church. He always enjoyed going with his grandma (she lives 4 states away so Sunday commuting isn’t feasible)

    We’re still looking. A homeschooling church would be great to find. Would it be too much to hope for to find one that skipped those ‘praise choruses’ and actually used the hymnals? Probably so, huh?


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