We Have a New School Method

Or is it?  We have always been a family that loves literature and history (okay, I admit, this has not always been me, but hubby finally converted me).  I never knew there was a name for this kind of “living” learning.  I just know history isn't as boring now as it was for me *!* years ago in public school.   We are a family that reads, right now, I have about 4-5 books that I'm reading through.  Goofer (age 9) reads constantly, wanted the Chronicles of Narnia series 2 years ago for her birthday and has about worn them out, has read several “adult” non-fiction works, biographies and last year she decided she wanted to read through the Bible.  We all did and what a blessing it was to us.  Bubba and Little Bit both like being read to as well.  We always have at least one family reading book going and sometimes two.  I'll read at lunch and Shane will read a different one in the evenings. 


During the last month or so, I've been studying CM and classical education.  I shared it with Shane and he liked what he read too.  Bubba (age 6) is a hand's on kind of guy and I knew workbooks etc. would never satisfy him. 

Several months ago I stumbled across Ambleside Online and bypassed it.  Then about 3 weeks ago, I stumbled on it again.  Who knows– maybe I clicked on a link from somebody's blog.  This time it really struck me as interesting.   


Last week, we did a “trial run” and the children loved itThe only downside they see is having to wait to read more of the books.  I also ran across Trivium Pursuits website and am looking forward to learning more about it. 


So what have we changed?  We are doing math in 20 minute increments.  This is Goofer's weakness and she needs to complete a lesson a day.  But the 20 minute increments give her a much needed break.  I am reading to the children more than I was before.  We are learning world history (which I had not previously tackled except for U.S. and Bible)  And we are reading some great books that I don't remember reading before.   And we are mainly done with “school” by about lunchtime. 


Have I said that we are loving this! 



4 thoughts on “We Have a New School Method

  1. Thanks for the great post! It sounds like we have a very similar approach to school. We LOVE reading around here :O) I am going to check out Ambleside. Hope it continues to be a good match!



  2. Sounds very similar to us. We get the “table work” – math, copywork, etc – over with early and quickly, and get to the *really* good stuff! Look into Christine Miller’s book _All Through the Ages_ for lists of great history books!


  3. We too, had done the “living book” trial run a few weeks ago, and loved it. We have done some of this all along, but not in its fullest sense. We have enjoyed it and we have all learned this way. We are done earlier, We are smiling when we are finished!! We feel blessed for the opportunity to learn this way. God bless you in your studies, Melissa


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