Strong- Willed Child or Dreamer: A Book Review

I've have always thought my Bubba is strong-willed.  Other's have thought him to be ADHD.  We don't do labels (and he doesn't fit the criteria for diagnosis), so I have always responded that he is a boy and totally believe this to be true. After reading this book, I am happy to report that he is neither.  (Yes, he is a boy, no he is not strong-willed or ADHD ).

I have read amost every (if not every) book written about strong-willed children.  My Mom gave us Dr. Dobson's “The New Strong-Willed Child” for Christmas.  Bubba is 6 years old, and he has never been “normal.”  Of course, what is normal?  I should say there has always been something very unique about him.    He was in NICU for the first 14 days of his life, at 2 days old, he lifted his head and turned it the other way). 

I have been reading the book pictured below for about a week now. It is by Dr. Dana Scott Spears and Dr. Ron L. Braund.  It was in Basic Life Institute's new catalog, but I found it at the local library.



 I'm about half way along, but already I know that I had my Bubba pegged all wrong.  He is not strong-willed.  He is a dreamer.  I've always said he “loves life” and that he does.    Everything he does, he does with gusto.  There is no half-way with him.  It is all or nothing.  Are you getting the picture?  But, he is also sweet, sentitive, moody and cares deeply about others. 

I've been telling Shane about this book along the way, and reading excepts from it to him as time permits.  There have been several times over the last week that Shane will say something about Bubba (his personality, why he does something a certain way, etc.) and I will say

 “it's in the book.” 

He knows which book I mean.  They go into the details of how to deal with the Dreamer, amazingly, after reading a couple of books about Charolette Mason, we have decided to do Ambleside Online– thinking that it would be a great fit for our family.  Low and behold, I just read in the book about how well dreamers do following a classical education approach.  God is so very Good


If you have a child that you believe is strong-willed, but he doesn't quite fit the profile, I highly recommend this book. 



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