Quotes from Vision Forum’s Father Daughter Retreat

Hubby emailed me about the VF father daughter retreat–he wants to take our Princess (formerly known as goofer) in the future.  I think it's a great idea. 


Check out scott brown's website for some great stories about the above event.  Here's a couple of great quotes.  This one's by Doug Phillips.


“Feminism has gripped our culture. Here is some historical perspective. In the nineteenth century, the Queen of England said that feminism was a “mad wicked folly of women’s rights… feminists ought to get a good whipping..” There are not a hundred pastors alive today who would read anything like this out loud. We live in a time in history where we are out of sync with historic understandings of manhood, womanhood”


This is amazing to me.  Unfortunately, this day, we find many pastors that are touting feminism from the pulpit. 


And here's one from Scott Brown:


Fathers need to prepare their daughters to be wives who are under submission, helpers to their husbands, mothers, keepers at home and domestic entrepreneurs.”

“There is a real danger in raising picky un-pleasable daughters who are unable to follow an imperfect man. We have no business raising wimpy prima donna daughters.”

I want to give a daughter who is ready to be a helper to her husband as he makes his way through life, even though he is a male, a sinner and a husband with an imperfect family background.

“I don't want her to be a primadonna expecting every perfection and comfort, but that she would be a dutiful helpmeet respecting her husband following him to the ends of the earth and helping and comforting him through any battles he might face.”


Here, here!  As a woman I totally agree with the comments made above.   No further comments needed.


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