Anybody Want a Beagle???

Today, it finally happened.  Our Beagle killed one of our chickens.  For the entire story read here.  on our family blog.  We have known for a while that he wasn't a good match for our family, but he was so cute (actually he still is, but I'm still mad at him) and has a great personality. 

We are all in agreement now that he must go– he'll make someone else a great family dog.  Anyone want a Beagle? 


Neither of the other two dogs have ever bothered the chickens.  Except to eat the food out of the chicken house.  Mocha (lab/dauschaund mix–yes he looks funny )  acts like he's never lived anywhere else but the country.  Even though he was a city dog until we moved here almost 2 1/2 years ago. And our newest member of the family, Chocolate Lab, Ben acts like he's always been a part of our family and could care less about the chickens. 


Needless to say, it's been kind of a rough day.  Seriously, Charlie will have to go and by this weekend, can't keep him kenneled all the time.  And if the doors are open there is a risk he'll get out again, so maybe we can let him out in the evening, but then there is the risk that the children will forget what he's done and it will be even more difficult to let him go. 




One thought on “Anybody Want a Beagle???

  1. I feel for you and your family. When our dachsund had some accidental country style puppies, we decided to keep one. Well, as she got older, she discovered the chickens! She took out about 7 of them (3 were ds’s prize 4H chickens) before we figured out how she was getting under the fence. She came very close to taking a trip to the pound! That was three years ago and she’s curled up at my feet right now. But I can truly understand giving away the beagle! Hope your weekend gets better. I’m off to clean the synagogue for Passover — I think I’ll leave my champion princess in bed to rest though. Be well and be blessed!


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