the wonderful world of yahoo

Yes, I'm being sarcastic. 

Excuse me while a vent for a few minutes.  I have been trying to sign in to Yahoo since Sunday afternoon to list a recliner we are giving away on Freecycle.  I changed my password about 5 times–thinking a new password might allow me in.  I even checked my user name– knowing that I was using the right one, but hey I was desperate.  To no avail. 

Finally 2 days ago, I emailed them.  Gave them all my private personal information that they tell you NOT to give them, but I couldn't remember my “alternate email address”  Folks, I set this account up eons ago– I can't remember what alternate email address I might have given them–nor do I keep a “record” of that for years and years.  Because I could not give them every detail they asked for they WOULD not help me.  I was honestly thinking that I would have to set up a new account and re-join all the groups where I am subscribed.(granted, it's not many, but still… a time gobler)

Yesterday, I left it alone all day– Yahoo says that it can take up to 24 hours for a new password to work (give me a break!)  And tried this morning.  No success.  I got a “your computer is not allowing cookies” message when I tried to log in.  I have not changed my cookie setting in that same eon that I started the account.  But I did clear out my cookies the other day– at Yahoo's suggestion.  That must have been my mistake.  A call to my wonderful sweet hubby and he saved the damsel in distressApparently, these days your privacy setting has to be set at “allow all cookies” instead of just “medium” to work at Yahoo. 

Can I just say what a crock


Hey,  anyone want a recliner?