A Village or a Few Good Men (and Women)

Gena has a link on yesterday's blog to an article about New Jersey day cares milking taxpayer dollars to pay themselves and their families exhorbatant salaries. In my opinion, the last line of the article speaks volumes.   It made me think of those that work with the state to unlawfully remove children from their homes. 


“Such dishonest, unethical people shouldn't be anywhere near children”


I'm not saying that every social worker fits this profile, (my degree happens to be in social work) but I'm specifically thinking about the sweet, kind, precious social worker that ruined the boys life that we wanted to adopt.  Yes, because of things that have been revealed since he was removed from in-laws foster home, I believe this SW, by telling him that she would try to adopt him just hours after he had been told that birthmother relinquished her rights,  is a great part of what sent him over the edge. 


When you hear of situations like what has happened with the Creighton's and read about similar circumstances being halted in HSLDA's weekly email report I, for one, can't help but think that there are very few of those that work in for DFS/CFS or whatever it is called in your state actually care about these children. 


Folks, it doesn't take a village–it takes a few good men, and women,  to raise God-honoring, well balanced, productive members of society.   Fathers, and Mothers teaching their children at home to begin with– Grandparents are so necessary, and some God-fearing older, wiser friends should round out the few nicely.