Discipline vs Abuse

I wasn't even going to comment about the whole Pearl/TOS issue, but this lady sure has some very strong opinions about the Pearl/ TOS issue.   I am in total disbelief after reading her accusations.  While I understand and sympathize with those that have been abused, ones abuse does not justify this kind of tyraid against the Pearls and Gena–not one little tiny bit.  


I must say that I haven't read much of the Pearl's parenting materials in quite a while, and I don't agree, nor have I ever agreed, with everything they have written.   But, in all the materials I have read from the Pearls over the years, (no, I don't know them, nor have I ever met them),  I have never, ever, gotten the impression that they advocate “smacking” a child.  They advocate calm, controlled disipline and loving forgiveness afterwards and building a relationship with your child that breeds a child's desire to obey. 


As far as I know, the Pearl's did not know, or had not ever even met, the lady that killed her child.  Has the world gone mad?  How can the Pearls be responsible for that child's death? If one is going to abuse, they don't need an excuse, or permission from anyone to do so.   But they do find people, circumstances or things to blame for their behavior (in step the Pearls). 


Personally, I didn't get much out of Debbie Pearl's book, but that doesn't mean I go around bad-mouthing her.  The Pearl's have helped numerous families.  Their own children seem to be well rounded, Godly adults.  Those I know who have followed principles from “To Train Up a Child” have well-rounded, balanced, God-fearing children.   Several who are closer to adulthood, rather than childhood. 

Whether we like it or not, spanking is a Biblical way to discipline and train our children– abuse is not!  And yes, there is a huge, major, astronomical difference in the two!  I imagine there is not one Christian man, woman or child living that has never received a “spanking” from the Almighty hand of God. 


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  1. I read the book in question when my children were younger and I did not see where it advocates abuse. I never followed everything I read in their book, but then again the book was authored by a human, it’s not infallible. To me, it was more about being a consistent, disciplined parent.



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