The Problem with Random Blogging

Gena says it's random blog day.  (yes, I have read other friends blogs today, just haven't felt compelled to blog about them


If I random blog, I invariably find new people I want to be friends with. Like Lynan Just how many people can a person add to their friends list?  When I first started this blog thing, I thought I'd never have as many friends as some of you do, but I'm getting there. 


Maybe this would be a good time to tell all of my friends how much I appreciate each of you.  There are those blogs I read to be encouraged in Christ, those I read to be encouraged when I'm having a rough day, those I read that invariably make me laugh.  Those I read to give me food for thought.  

Maybe it's silly, but this is a place I can come and not feel as weird as I feel with other people.  Because many of you are so transparent, I feel like I know you as well or better than much of my church family, or some of the other friends that I have.


While many of you have friends that are fellow bloggers, I have never met in person any of my blogging friends.  I have often thought how neat it would be if we could have a HSB reunion– that way we would  get to meet our HSB friends.   Does anyone else think this is a neat idea or am I way out in left field. 


2 thoughts on “The Problem with Random Blogging

  1. If you’re way out in left field, then I’m stainding right beside ya! LOL! I LOVE to click my friends link daily~well, several times a day~and see what y’all are up to! I have so many now though that I still miss some posts, and OOOOOHHH! I don’t wanna missa thing! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wanted to stop over and answer your question about using bed ruffles, like I used for colonial costumes. The bed ruffles are a great beginning skirt since it is already gathered and sewn. All you have to do is get one at a second hand store, cut it where the part is hidden under the matress and sew it to an existing dress, skirt, etc. Hope that helped. 🙂 PS – I like using the random blog button too. Great way to see new blogs.

    Jennie von Eggers


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