Pop Rocks

This morning Shane left for a 2 night business trip.  This is the first trip he's made in probably close to 5 years.  To give the children something to do, he left little treats all over the house disquised as an easter egg hunt– he also left several assorted goodies on the counter (including a chocolate Almond Joy bar for me–can't wait to try that)  In among the items were a package of Pop Rocks for each of the children.  (I didn't even know they made these anymore).  Little Bit is spending part of the time with Grandma and Grandpa so he hasn't experienced the Pop Rocks yet.

But the other two have. 

“They're popping in my mouth” 

“Let's go wash our hands”

“It's popping in the sink”, “now they're popping down the drain” 


Oh the joys of simple things…