Looks like Liberia

Those of you that have been reading for a while know that we have had 2 (sort of) failed adoptions.  The first came in January when we thought a 10 day old baby boy fall from heaven into our lap.  Apparently the family changed their mind because last time Shane called he got hung up on that was the middle of January and we haven't heard anything further. 

Then there was the 9 year old boy in state's custody that we felt called to pursue.  But his state social worker wrecked his life by telling him she was going to adopt him on the same day he was told that his birthmother had relingquished rights.  (wrong on many, many levels!)  There is no way, at this time, that we can pursue this young man.  His behavior has reverted back to what it was like when he came into state's custody 3+years ago.  We cannot risk having our children removed from our home because of false accusations this boy might make against us if we were to pursue his adoption.

By about November of last year, we felt it was time to adopt again.  We had about decided on Liberia for many reasons.  We first heard about Liberian adoptions through Acres of Hope several years ago.  Then I started receiving “Above Rubies” a few months ago, need I say more– our hearts went out to those precious children.  We also have some friends that are getting ready to bring home their daughter, Addie. They are working with Children Concerned.  Then it seemed God put these two possibilities in our path and we were obedient and followed the path.  Here we are 4 months later, back on the original path. 

We learned to be obedient. 

Princess has been wanting a sister (and so have I).  Both of these stateside adoptions were boys and we were willing to adopt  them. 

When we brought home Little Bit I said I'd “NEVER” do another state adoption.  All I can say is never, say never to God– we were pursuing a state adoption.  One day maybe we'll know for sure, but it seems that God took us on this little side trip to see if we would be willing to do what we said we wouldn't do.   

It seems these were the reasons for our little detour.  Who knows, maybe Liberia isn't for us either, but it seems to be — for now at least. 


We will begin working on the I600A after the homeschool conference this weekend, and move forward.  We don't know where the money is coming from– we have a good start, but not nearly the amount we need for an international adoption.  God has always provided in the past when we've been called to adopt and we are certain He will this time too.  We know Princess has a sister out there (at least one).  We think she is in Liberia.  Only time will tell. 


Honestly, I am nervous about this.  So many unknowns.  Will Shane be able to travel with me?  We know we can't afford to take the other 3 with us.  Are we ready for this?  Can we get everything together on our own, without an agency to do it for us?  Where will the rest of the $$$ come from?  (just to name a few).

Stateside adoption–nervewracking but known.  Liberian adoption– nervewracking but unknown. 

I love this verse in times like this

John 14:27
Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.


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  1. I think you are amazing for adopting before, and for pursuing the unknown. I have looked at adoption agencies, and at projected costs, and cried over those children that have no parents, but haven’t felt that the Lord is calling us to adopt–at least not at this point, and while I know nothing is impossible, I can’t see the way open for us to adopt in the future.

    I pray for God’s blessing on you as you venture down this path again.



  2. I’m so excited to meet another family adopting from Liberia! International adoption is a journey of faith. I don’t know of one family who has their “ducks” lined up in a row prior to adopting. We decided to adopt in January and already the Lord has provided over $7000 towards our adoption. God wants to bring these precious children into loving families! The money issue is never to big for Him!

    God Bless your family, Michelle Johnson from Oregon, and also adopting from Liberia!


  3. I loved reading that you’re an adoptive mama, as I am, too! My husband and I have two biological children (4 and 2) and just adopted our son (now 1) from Guatemala. He came home this past December. International adoption was a long and sometimes frustrating road, but- of course: well worth it! šŸ™‚ The $$ really stressed us out, too- but we felt called by God to pursue this, and of course God provided EVERY cent! He is faithful. I learned so much about relying on Him and trusting in Him to carry us through in every practical aspect ($) and every emotional aspect, too! I heard about Liberia adoptions awhile back on the radio (Family Life, maybe?) and filed it away in my brain to consider for next time! šŸ™‚ Blessings to you, Stacy


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