Worn out and Filled Up

The Midwest Parent Educators homeschool conference was Friday and Saturday.  Greg Harris was the keynote speaker.  His wife Sono spoke as well.  Cathy Duffy and Shelley Noonan were also there.  I particulary enjoyed Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Duffy.  I am filled up.  Shane had heard Mr. Harris speak many, many years ago, but this was my first time.  I am encouraged and ready to go forward.   We purchased several of the CD's to have them for future reference. 

One theme that was evident throughout was the importance of protecting our rights to homeschool.  There was concern expressed over the government “homeschool” programs, “free” curriculum offers, Parents as Teachers, etc.  I must say this has been a concern for me for a couple of years.  Many of the new homeschoolers don't realized the sacrifice that the pioneers made to homeschool.  Not only a sacrifice, but a danger of jail loomed.  Mr. Harris and Mrs. Duffy both made the point that by taking the $$ offered for materials, homeschoolers open themselves up to be told what cirriculum can be used and what can be counted as core and non-core.  It also allows the government to make the assumption that because some have accepted help, all of us should accept the “help”.  It is a dangerous thing!   


I am also excited because I ran into some friends.  One in particular I was not expecting to see, haven't seen her in at least 3 years.  Several years ago I attended a bible study at her former church (before Bubba was born).  And we became great friends, as time passed, we went our seperate ways.  They are planning on homeschooling now and she was there for information.  So excited for them We exchanged phone numbers and hopefully will get together in the near future. 


Also ran into a friend that Princess took ballet with until January.  When we returned from caring for my father after surgery, they were mysteriously absent from classes.  She explained what happened, if we had been in class the day they left, we would have probably gone with them.  Princess would love to see her daughters, so I do hope she calls. 


It is also encouraging to go to this conference because I don't feel so weird with skirt and headcovering.  Next year we have R.C. Sproul Jr. to look forward to!Yippee– I can hardly wait!!!


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  1. I had the pleasure of hearing a little of RC Sproul last year, and he is awesome. A man after God’s own heart. After I heard him speak, I bought a few CD’s of some of his other talks, and wow was I convicted! But in a good way. He really causes you to think and grow in your walk.


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