Confusion! Adoption and Church! I Need to Ramble!

My head is still in a blurrrrrr.  We have narrowed the Math choices down to 2 and are waiting for further information about both to make the final decision.  One thing fairly settled but more are cropping up. 


The adoption issue is so confusing.  We have never done international adoption.  There are so many organizations that do Liberian adoptions.  How do we decide what one to use?  We want to be good stewards of God's money.  We've emailed Children Concerned ,but I really want a younger child, as close to a baby as we can (since I'm nearing 41, this could be my last chance).  CC doesn't have any younger children.  We're also not sure travelling would be a good idea, for several reasons. One is the situation there, and the danger involved.  The second is I just don't think I could handle going by myself.  There was a time in my life where travelling to Liberia would have been exciting– now all I can do is get nervous about it.  I don't handle things like this well anymore.  Shane has spoiled me– don't get me wrong, I like it, but it seems like I'm more vulnerable than I once was.  Maybe this is a good thing—- Although it was embarrasing a few years ago when I tried to pump gas and didn't know how to use the newfangled electronic pumps–yes for the 1st years of our marriage Shane filled my gas tank when I needed it.  I got out of the car and it looked like an alien to me.  This is from a gal that was raised in the shop next to Daddy,  went to road races with my Uncle and crewed for friends when I grew up.  I knew almost every part on a car and what tool to use where.  I guess my automotive abilities have gone the same path as my computer abilities.  Now that we live in the country I usually pump my own gas. 

Wow, that was a long bunny trail. … back to the issue…  I am afraid to travel to Liberia by myself.  We've never had to choose who we worked with before– God just worked it out, but I guess in this case, we have to choose.  I have been looking at Acres of Hope today, and like what I see,  sent hubby the link, so we'll see what he thinks.  Also, emailed WACSN for more info.   Someone help, give advice from your own experience.  International is all new to us and seems so overwhelming.  I'm the gal that hates having 100 different dish soaps to choose from– plain old Dawn is good for me. 


Second,  Shane is still trying to decide what to do about the sermon that was preached at church a few weeks ago.  The one where Preacher called women to do more work in the church, and take back their families (based on Deborah and Barak).  Before last night, hubby had decided to email the minister about the concerns we had, and was planning to do that today.  But now there's a twist.  I went to my ladies Bible study last night.  (5 of us meet once a month).  The minister's wife is one of them.  Apparently there have been some undercurrents for quite a while and it came to a head yesterday afternoon.  The minister and wife and elders got sideswipped with 4 pages of “issues” (some dating back many, many years) from some of the more overbearing women in the congregation.  PW came in to the study upset, and understandably so. 


Shane and I  love these people so much, but we really think Preacher's sermon contributed to this outburst.  This issue is one where several of the women are not in submission (at church or at home–and are trying to tell the elders what to do). We feels the need to confront this issue, as it is not a matter of opinion, one of the points Preacher made was totally opposite of scripture, but we don't want to “be one more thing” to them.  These people are so precious to us and the last thing we want to do is hurt them further.  I just needed to ramble about this.  I totally trust Shane to take care of it, but my femaleness is bubbling over and I just need to get it out. 






One thought on “Confusion! Adoption and Church! I Need to Ramble!

  1. Hi,
    I just found your blog and read a couple of your posts. Have you looked into PLAN at all? I know several families in our area who have used them and adopted from Liberia. I actually travelled to Liberia in 2000 when I was single and would have brought back a little girl in a minute! One of the women I traveled with was meeting her two daughters for the first time.
    Is your daughter Liberian? I remember a little girl named Princess there, but when may have been older.
    The Lord will lead you, and provide for you, and go with you every step of the way.
    Bless you as you love and serve your family today,


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