Three Kinds of Homeschoolers

I am so thankful for the HS conference this past weekend.  Several things struck me and/or confirmed ideas in my head.  It was so good to hear Gregg Harris speak on the seasons of life and how they should naturally progress.  In his Friday night keynote, he  discussed the 3 different types of homeschoolers.  Here is what he described:


1.  The Pioneer.  These are the people like the Harris's and my in-laws.  They blazed the trail.  They  fought  to carry out their God-given responsibility.  They are the ones who faced the threat of jail, worked to pass laws and did whatever it took to home-educate their children.  These are the ones we have to thank.  Because of them, we are not fighting this battle on the same level as they did. 


2.  The Settler.  These are the ones that come after the Pioneer, they don't know firsthand the hardships the Pioneers faced, but they respect what was accomplished and wish to carry out the work.


3.  The Immigrants.  (1st, Mr. Harris was very careful to say that he didn't use this term to offend people but as a category of people.)   The Immigrants don't understand the path the Pioneers took.  They are letting the state in carefree.  Taking government funding for computers, supplies, textbooks, etc. working with charter schools and see no problem with doing this.  Mr. Harris talked about the DANGER with this type of homeschooler.  If one homeschooling family takes $$ then the government assumes that all homeschoolers should.  It opens the door to the state being able to tell you what curriculum to use and what you can't use! 


If you fall into the Immigrant category, please reconsider.  The Pioneers fought a very hard battle. The Settlers like what the Pioneers did for us.   If you are letting the government into your home whether it be for computers, Parents as Teachers, or other programs you are giving the devil a foothold.  You risk ruining home-education for us all.  Personally, I don't relish the thought of my children fighting the same battle that my in-laws fought 20+ years ago.  You might be saying “what can a “free” computer hurt.  My dear friends, there is nothing in life that is free.  When it comes to education, the enemy is the government.  They don't like home-education because it takes funds from their schools and because homeschools are producing better students.  The almighty dollar is the bottom line–homeschooling costs the government.  If you don't believe me just sign up for HSLDA's weekly alert– some of the stories will curl your toes.  Furthermore, HSLDA does not recommend taking $$ from the government for school supplies or participating in charter schools  


You cannot serve God and Mammon.  As for me and my house, we will Serve the Lord.  Who will you serve? 





4 thoughts on “Three Kinds of Homeschoolers

  1. What a fantastic post and topic you’ve shared! In time, homeschoolers do seem to forget and take the freedoms that we have for granted. Thank you so much for thses very wise words. I can’t wait until our hs convention. It will be in May.
    Cathy :o)


  2. I think I’d rather be a Settler and I definitely don’t want to be an Immigrant. I love that verse..”As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” I have that magnetic reminders in our Jeep and at home. My parents have a large frame of that hanging in the wall of our Living room.

    I can’t wait to go to the convention here in St. Charles, we are closer there but it will be in June. Thanks for sharing..

    Blessings & Love,
    ~ Melanie


  3. I am so glad that I am not the only one seeing this new trend of on and off homeschoolers. I started homeschooling in 1985. I didn’t know anyone else that did, but I found a convention to go to and was overwhelmed like everyone is at their first one. I got to hear Raymond and Dorothy Moore and other true pioneers – even though some consider me one. I was blessed to live in a state that didn’t seem to care about homeschooling and it never became an issue with the government. When I decided to homeschool, it was all or nothing. I homeschooled my boys from K-12 and I am homeschooling my 5 yeear old grandson now. The “immigrant” homeschoolers really bother me. I praise God for all of those ladies inthe denim skirts that paved the way and I would never poke fun of them like I hear on some of the homeschooling forums I am on. I am glad Gregg Harris is broaching this subject at the conventions. I remember when we were diligent not to have our names on any list that the government might be able to use against us. So glad to have found you post and you blog.


  4. Gregg Harris is a wonderful speaker! I totally agree with his assessment. I’m definitely a settler. As a homeschool support group coordinator I saw the change in the types of new homeschool moms by the questions they asked.

    It first started with asking if it was legal, being desperate for their children, and how to. It later became just needing a newsletter, and are there field trips and play groups. Interestingly enough only a handful would then show up to the meetings.

    Thanks for the topic! Abiding in the Vine!


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