The Lukewarm Homeschooler

Since writing about the Immigrants that Mr. Harris spoke about last weekend at the conference, I have been thinking about the dangers of the lukewarm homeschooler.


This is the home-schooler that can’t decide who they are going to trust to educate their children.   They’ll home educate for a year then they’ll place their child in government school, then they’ll home educate because the child is behind again and then place them back in the government school again.  Oh, they may home educate for 2 years or maybe they’ll put their child in a private school but the premise is generally the same.  

Or maybe home-schooling is a passing fad for this parent.  After all it is the new “in” thing.  This parent doesn’t realize how much work is involved and how much you really have to be committed to your children and after the first year they realize that they don’t want this much work and gives their child back to the government. 

Or maybe they moved to a better school district so they place the child into the government school, or the teacher they’ll have this year is so good that it’ll be okay for them to sacrifice their children to the government for a year. 


Friends, home-education is not about the school.  At least it shouldn’t be.  It shouldn’t matter what kind of school it is or what kind of teacher your child has.  A parent should home-educate because they are the child’s parent.  After all, don’t you know your child better than any government official?


As a committed home educator, this kind of person scares me just as much as the Immigrant.  The dangers are very similar.   This kind of person says tells the government that they “need” their help in educating their children.  If we give the government a little, they are going to take a lot.  If some parents that home school their children go back and forth, the government is going to pick up on this and think that all home-educators “can’t” teach their children. 


(One a side note, this kind of instability can’t good for the child either) 


I don’t so much mind the person that says we’ll try it for a year and see what happens or even those that say we’ll take home-schooling on a year to year basis, because most often it works so well that they never end up placing their child back in government school.   It’s the person that doesn’t understand how dangerous giving the government schools a foothold can be. 


The book of Revelation talks about the lukewarm Christian, they are neither hot nor cold and God will spit them out.  Homeschoolers, let’s not be lukewarm.  Let’s be hot or cold.  Either decide to give your child over to the world, or decide to raise them as warriors in the Mighty Kingdom of God and then stick with it.  You can do it!  You are you’re child’s first teacher.  Please choose to be their only teacher. 


5 thoughts on “The Lukewarm Homeschooler

  1. I believe homeschooling is a conviction and those that don’t have that conviction are just trying it out. It’s kind of like Christianity, you either believe or you don’t, there’s no trying it out. I do understand those that don’t have confidence at first and keep the back door open “just in case.” But anyone that has truly opened their eyes to the government schools agenda should do everything to get their kids out and keep them out. see and


  2. I had a friend who would bounce the kids back and forth. HS, PS, CS, daycare or no daycare…I’m not sure what is going on with them now, but it was always clear to me that she did what was right ‘in her eyes’ not God’s.


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