Do You Know

This is so cool.  Do you know that you can type in yourusername/friends

and it will pull up all your friends recent entries on your blog? 


Apparently some of the templates will tell you whose blog you're reading, but some of them won't.  (mine for example won't).  If by chance, I can't figure it out by reading the entry– yes Sandi, Hazel sounds like a precious bundle of joy I can go to post a comment and look in my address bar and find out who it is. 


This saves so much time.  Yippee


One thought on “Do You Know

  1. Under my Links, I also have one that says “Friends” that does the same thing. I wonder why yours doesn’t have one? And how do you put one on? I agree~so easy! I click it every time I log on! Some entries still slip past me, but I LOVE IT! (((((HUGS))))) sandi


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